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By offering a huge collection of car tinting Dubai, SAFA Automotive aims to provide simplified and scalable solutions to address the issues related to excessive UV rays, infrared radiation, scorching heat, and glare. Our new-age 3M window films can provide enhanced comfort, protection, and privacy. Being one of the leading 3M authorized centres in UAE, we understand the varied needs of our customers and bring to them innovative 3M window films that meet their specific demands regarding sun protection, lighting ergonomics, and temperature control.

Our top-class 3M car tinting will help your vehicle achieve the desired functionality and decor. And, all our products comprise a scratch-resistant coating that guarantees strength and a perfect finish.

With our home tinting solution, you can enjoy the amazing health benefits of natural light and prevent your interior from extreme temperature fluctuations. And, our 3M car tint can add luxury and comfort to a vehicle. Moreover, they render a safe driving experience by cutting down the excessive glare caused by the sun or artificial sources of light.

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A company recognized for its portfolio of 3M car tinting services in Dubai, SAFA Automotive has a strong commitment to sustainability. With high-end window tinting and film services, we take an integrated approach to sun protection, damage prevention, and reducing glare.


Car tinting solutions to enhance your driving experience

 3M Car Tinting

Enhance your drive with sleek style and sun protection. 


Preserve your car's shine and shield from damage with PPF

 Commercial Window Films

New-age window films for improved aesthetics and function


Stunning window films with exceptional design, hue, and sheen


Self-adhesive window films for doors, windows, walls, and furniture


Stylish window films for home that befits every requirement

 Safety and Security

Keep your premises protected and resilient



Why to Choose SAFA Automotive

Car Tinting in Dubai


Since its inception in 2003, SAFA Automotive LLC has transformed and upgraded many cars and buildings with its exceptional quality 3M car tinting in dubai, window film. Our highly experienced team of experts can provide effective car and house window tinting solutions to increase energy efficiency, safety, and overall privacy. There are several reasons for which customers place their utmost trust in us. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • World-class products
  • Extensive Industry Experience
  • Authorization
  • Scientifically-approved window films
  • Budget-friendly
  • 100% Satisfaction
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SAFA Automotive is a trustworthy 3M Tint provider in UAE which offers some of the most competitive warranties on its products. 


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We not only abide by different quality parameters set by the new Federal Traffic Law introduced on July 1 but also adhere to a uniform guideline regarding installation. And, to back up the same, we provide some warranties with every window film.

In case our product turns out to be defective, we will replace it, without charging an extra penny. To avail the warranty, you will be required to present the purchase receipt which provides details regarding the type of film and date of installation.  Depending on the specific car/window tint that you have chosen, the span of warranty may vary. Here are some guarantees that our customers get

  • Industry’s Leading Warranty
  • No Colour Fading
  • Excellent Heat Reduction
  • 99% UV Rays Blocked
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3M Authorized Window Film and Car Tinting Center

Apart from enhancing the aesthetics, window tinting can provide long-lasting functional benefits, such as privacy, sun defense, and safety. SAFA Automotive is a professional car tinting company that helps you install an o READ MORE

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