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Add Privacy to Your Residence with Mirror Effect Window Film

Privacy is but obvious the most important element to be maintained in the residential premises at any cost. The mirror effect window film is one of the best privacy window films which can be used to make your house completely secure and of course great in appearance. This is the one-way privacy film which allows you to take the outside view from the interior of your house, but restrict the view from outside giving a reflective image. Designed with an exclusive and innovative technology, the mirror effect films are also quite useful in monitoring the activities that are being undertaken outside the residential premises without letting others know about. This type of privacy film is also an accurate alternative to the curtains and blinds which are commonly used in the residences for window protection.

Residential Mirror Effect Film

What Makes Mirror Window Film a Must Buy?

Being an option falling in the privacy window film category, the mirror window film has certain exceptionally great features of its own which make it a must buy. The foremost element of the mirror film is that it provides complete privacy to the residential premises making the interior completely invisible from the outside. The second reason of buying the mirror window film is that it enhances the exterior decor of the house in a sophisticated manner and make the appearance of your house quite attractive at the same time. While transmitting considerable light inside the premises, it is ensured by the mirror effect window film that a cosy and comfortable environment is maintained. It acts as a shield for the house to protect the interior furnishings and assets from the UV rays by reducing the transmission of the same inside the window. The mirror effect window films possess the features which are desired in every window film installed in the residences.

Working of Mirror Effect Window Film

The 3M residential mirror effect window films hold the capacity to act as a one-way mirror, but one thing that is most important to ensure such effect is the surrounding lighting conditions. This film reflects the light in the ratio of 3:1 which means the side on which the light is more, there will be three times more reflection than on the opposite side. The 3M mirror effect window films are designed and created on the basis of standards and conceptualisation in which the manufacturing smartness plays a pivotal role. This glass film is coated with a thin layer of aluminium where the molecules of aluminium are less than in the case of normal mirror. This is the reason behind the reflection on the one side of the window whereas the other side has the transparent glass. However, this technique is quite helpful for the privacy concern during the daytime, but during nights when the lighting is more inside the house, it becomes quite inconvenient to maintain the secrecy. For that, you need to opt for curtains or other alternatives to cover your inside view of the house.

Features & Usage of Mirror Effect Films

The reflective window films have the properties which make it a one-stop package for different purposes. The films have hard scratch-resistant layer which ensures durability and helps in keeping the window clean as well as maintained. The reflective film is designed with the high optical quality polyester and hold the self-adhesive properties which keep it affixed for long time. The films have the sun control and UV protection features as well which further help in keeping the residential premises and the furnishing safe or protected.

Talking about the application of the mirror effect films, you can use them either in the interior glass or the exterior glass windows and doors to maintain the level of privacy desired. For exterior, the purpose is quite simple, i.e., to maintain privacy from outside and keep the interior of the house personalised and safe. In the interior of the house, if you desire to keep or maintain some confidentiality and privacy in the study room, bedroom, bathroom, or any other part of the residence then you can install these reflective films. They are available in different designs and patterns to add to the decor of your home as well.

Why SAFA for Mirror Effect Window Film?

Being one of the best and oldest window film service providers in Dubai, SAFA carries an impeccable reputation in the market and is among the top priorities of the clients across the UAE for a long time. With a record of thousands of window installation projects across Dubai & various parts of UAE, we hold the expertise and experience of satisfying the absolute requirements of the clients. The 3M mirror effect window films that we offer at SAFA are exclusively the best-in-class solution for all-round protection of the residential premises. We have the best team to install the mirror effect window film to your house for giving your home an exclusive and sophisticated look from outside and a comfortable space inside. You must join hands with the brand to get the world-class privacy solutions for your house, and we ensure the same.

  • Partial Transparency

    Partial Transparency

    The mirror effect window film allows the exterior view from inside the house while restricting the interior view.

  • Light Transmission

    Light Transmission

    Mirror window films allow the sunlight to enter the residence to make the environment positive and refreshing.

  • Complete Privacy

    Complete Privacy

    The high technology used in the privacy mirror effect film ensures that the people living in the house enjoy complete privacy and personal space.

  • Enhance Decor

    Enhance Decor

    The mirror window films are commonly used nowadays in adding some more elegance and style to the exterior decor of the house.

  • Sun Protection

    Sun Protection

    A variety of mirror effect window films also possesses the element of sun protection and help maintaining a calm environment in the house.

  • Pocket-Friendly


    You have various amazing options in the mirror effect window films category to choose from as per your budget.

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