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Residential Sun Control 3M Window Film For Home in Dubai

Windows are the source of light, energy, and positivity in the house which makes the interior of the home brighter and refreshing. At one side where the windows help in getting the sun’s light inside, they are also the source of excessive heat and UV rays which affect the lives and assets in the house. To help you protect from such sun’s rays the sun control window films are very useful. Available in a wide range, the sun control window films provide several benefits to the interior of the house. By resisting the heat and UV rays outside the windows, these films protect the interior and make it convenient to live in a comfortable and cozy environment. It is helpful in saving the energy conservation which further helps in reducing the electricity cost in the residential premises. SAFA has several sun control films as per the specified requirements which are installed to provide sun protection in various ways.

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The Different Types of Sun Control Films for Residential Use

There is nothing better than buying the window film which can provide several benefits at the same time. The wide range of sun control films has the similar element. We at SAFA offer sun control films of different varieties which include reflective window films, night vision films, prestige series window films, and the safety & security window films. The major benefit offered by these shields is that they protect the interior environment of the residential premises from the sun’s negative elements to maintain a comfortable environment inside. By resisting up to 90% of the heat outside the window, the house is kept cooler during summers in Dubai; and by preventing the cooler breeze from getting inside the house during winters, the inner environment is kept warm and cosy.

Residential Windows Tinting

Why Should You Install Sun Control Window Films?

Though sunlight has so much positivity and refreshing elements that make the house brighter, there are several disadvantages as well if those rays directly come in contact with anything or person. The harmful UV rays have various ill-effects that may damage the home interiors leading to fading of the colors of the furnishings. Furthermore, they are harmful to the people as they can cause diseases like skin cancer as well. On the flip side, the sun’s rays come along with excessive heat which if enter the residential premises can raise the temperature very high. Hence, in order to control the excessive heat and the UV rays from reaching the house’s interior, the sun control window films are installed on the windows and the glass doors. This leads to keeping the interior protective, cool, and convenient from the external components. In addition to this, the sun control films in the residences also help in reducing the cost of electricity as the consumption of electricity is limited due to the restriction of the heat outside the window. There are several reasons which make the sun control film a must-have for every house in Dubai. You must get the best design and shade of these films to make your home protective and secure.

Customized Home Window Film for Your Residential House

At SAFA, we aim to fulfill the clients’ desires and for that, we get associated with them and design plans that can add value to their assets. The sun control window films are available in different categories and varieties from mirror effect to prestige and many more to help you avail several other benefits than just sun control. We coordinate with the clients and pen down their accurate requirements to recommend the top solution. On the basis of the theme of the decor, we make sure that the perfect design and shade of sun control window tint has been used in the installation. Furthermore, we also make sure that accurate measurements are taken of the doors and windows so that films are applied to the completed glass without leaving any space vacant. The exceptional quality of 3M sun control window films helps us in being firm on our values in providing the world-class solution for sun protection in the residential premises.

Why Choose SAFA for Home Window Tinting?

With over 10 years of experience in installing various window films in Dubai, we have already attained a reputed position in the market. Our services are exceptionally well and we aim to fulfill the exact requirements of the clients by working in collaboration with them. By installing the sun control films on your home windows and glass door, we make sure that the inner environment of your house remains comfortable and relaxing. We are the trusted name in the industry for delivering just not the sun protective windows, but also the best designs of the same class to help you enhance the decor of your residential premises in a sophisticated manner. We always desire to make you feel relaxed when you are at home, and that’s the reason we are the prior choice for home window film installation in Dubai.

  • Prevents Assets

    Prevents Assets

    The sun control window films prevent the UV rays from entering into the residential premises and thus safeguard the assets or furnishings from fading.

  • Privacy


    The wide range of home films has several designs and patterns which may help the people living inside to maintain privacy in a unique way.

  • Shatter Resistance

    Shatter Resistance

    By containing the glass breakage and reducing the impact of the accidents, the sun control films provide safety and security to the lives of the people.

  • Relaxing Environment

    Relaxing Environment

    The sun control home window films help in maintaining a relaxing environment in the residential premises by controlling extreme weather conditions outside the house.

  • Versatility


    The sun control films are available in different varieties with several benefits ensuring just not sun protection but also privacy and safety.

  • Affordability


    The 3M home window film are available at a very reasonable cost without being burdening on the pockets of the clients.

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