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Frosted Window Film Dubai - Offering Privacy & Security

The frosted window films are the perfect solution for the commercial premises to provide high degree of privacy as well as security. Be it the interior glass partitions of the office, or the exterior windows, the frosted window has a special element of enhancing the decor and making your premises look fabulous. If you wish to give your cabin or the meeting room a private space, the frosted film is the absolute solution for the same. It is a must to maintain decorum in the commercial spaces, and for that there has to be partitions inside the premises which is easily resolved by installing the frosted window films. Apart from providing the privacy element, these 3M frosted window films offer safety and protection from burglars as well. Being available in the dusted crystal finish in translucent white, or in the translucent crystal finish of different colours, these frosted window films are the ultimate solution to fulfil the requirement of window covers in the commercial or retail premises.

Commercial Frosted Window Film

Should You Install Frosted Window Film?

Being an owner of the commercial space, it is a responsibility to provide all sort of privacy and protection to the lives and assets which are kept or working in the premises. The frosted window films are one of the best options to install on the windows or doors of the commercial offices because of the reason that they offer high degree of privacy and can be used additionally for the decor purposes. The 3M frosted films have the transparent synthetic liner which is very helpful in easy cutting, and because of the permanent and pressure-sensitive elements, these films offer a great deal of security to the inner space as well. The frosted window films create dusted and frosted crystal effects on the window and glass doors giving the best solution to the customers with long durability. To maintain decorum in your office and have secrecy and privacy in terms of conducting meetings, the frosted films are the perfect solution as they hold the best mix of technology and innovation for commercial uses.

Frosted Window Film - One Solution with Several Benefits

If you desire to get the frosted glass appearance for your commercial windows, then the cost-effective frosted window films are the ultimate solution. The features, designs and looks of the frosted window films are similar to the frosted glasses but the main element of cost is quite affordable in former than latter. Once applied, the films give 24 hours privacy from either of the sides of the window and help you work comfortably. Unlike various other privacy films, the frosted window film has an added advantage of blocking the harmful rays outside but does not block the light from entering the premises. Up to 90% of the sunlight travels inside the premises making the office brighter than dull.

However, it simply doesn’t mean that you will have to face the glare while working. Such elements are kept in control, neither you have to bear the glare, nor heat and harmful UV rays. Furthermore, the frosted window films are also helpful in maintaining security and protection against accidents or harsh climatic conditions. This way, these films have the comprehensive benefits of decorating your commercial space while ensuring all-round protection from sunlight and accidents.

Is It Easy to Install the Frosted Films on Windows?

The only answer is ‘YES’. The application process of the 3M frosted window films is very quick and simple. The films have the self-adhesive coating which allows it to remain stick on the glass for a long time even if there are unfavourable weather conditions. The team of installers at SAFA are licensed experts in installing the window films in Dubai and adopt the most effective way to apply the film solutions on your commercial windows. The main ingredient used is the soapy water which does not allow the bubbles on the window surface and the film is installed smoothly with high efficiency and clarity. Talking about the quality of the films, the 3M frosted film solutions are sold with the comprehensive warranty plans; so you do not need to worry about the quality element at all. You can directly get it serviced if you find any deficiency in its effectiveness after installation. You can get the customised sheet of the frosted window films in Dubai for your commercial complex on demand as we are indulged in providing everything that fulfils your specific needs and demands.

SAFA - The Best Frosted Window Film Installer in Dubai

This is what our clients say! With an experience of over 10 years in the industry, we have maintained a stable position in the market and are among the top priorities for window film installation in Dubai. Our professional team of experts, and the 3M window film solutions that we offer, ensure making your commercial space sophisticated, secure and private as per your desire. We collaborate with our clients in order to deliver the exact solutions to their needs. The frosted window films that we offer are specialised in providing you with the benefit of maintaining privacy, ensuring safety from burglars, enhancing decor, and much more. We ensure installing the window films on your commercial windows and doors with authenticity without affecting the assets or building premises. With exquisite designs and patterns, we have a wide range of frosted window films to make your commercial space more attractive and beautiful in all terms.

  • Superior Quality

    Superior Quality

    The 3M frosted window films have distinguished quality and are highly reliable to install on the commercial windows and doors for a long term.

  • Varied Options

    Varied Options

    There is a wide range of frosted films in terms of designing, pattern, and colour; you can match the films that complement your office’s interior.

  • Privacy


    The frosted window films provide the best-class privacy options and are very useful in making partitions in the office premises to maintain decorum.

  • Safety & Protection

    Safety & Protection

    These films when used on the exterior also provide sun protection along with safety and security from burglary and other exterior elements.

  • Affordability


    You have a wide range of alternatives to make the best choice of frosted film at a very small price. It is ensured that your pockets are not burdened.

  • Durability


    The frosted window films are sturdy enough to protect the inner environment from heat and pressure from outside and make the interior comfortable to work.

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