3M Color Stable Window Tint-cs-20

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3M Color Stable Window Tint-cs-20

3M CS 20 Series Window Films for Complete Car Protection in Dubai

Safa brings to you the 3M CS 20 series window tints, which are high heat resistant dark color stable window tints. These premium films are of outstanding color stability, which does not fade away. It lasts for years, through its long-lasting performance. These are unique films which do not interfere with your GPS, or satellite signals due to its unique metal-free construction. Its smart appearance and style, and heat rejecting feature are perfect for the weather conditions in Dubai. It helps you stay cool and protected from the harmful UV rays. It allows 16% visibility through the glass and retards the interior fading.

These exclusive 3M series window films solution in Dubai has a lot to offer at very affordable pricing. It is the most in-demand product in Dubai. The window films act as a protective shield from the harmful UV rays as well as gives comfort and coolness to its users. It is also aesthetically pleasing in appearance giving long-term solutions in the sophisticated city of Dubai to all its users. Reject the high heat rays and harmful UV rays and invest in comfort and privacy with the 3M series.

  • It reduces heat up to 57% TSR proving a cooler and more comfortable zone to its users.
  • It blocks up to 99% of the harmful UV rays.
  • The films are non- metallic in nature and hence does not interfere with any signal reception
  • It reduces the glare from the UV rays up to 99%.


  • The protective window shields provide several benefits like heat reduction, UV rejection, and a cool and comfortable environment and privacy too.
  • The UV rays are rejected by almost 99%
  • It reduces the solar energy by almost 57 TSR%
  • It comes with a comprehensive warranty plan and cost-effective solutions.
  • The non-metallic film gives no interference in the signal reception.
  • The color stable films never turn purple


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