3M Color Stable Window Tint-cs-35

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3M CS-35 Series Window Films for Car - Providing Complete Protection

Safa recommends the use of 3M color stable series for an enhanced appearance window tints, and it provides high heat resistance combined with no signal interference. The colors are very stable and do not fade away to purple at all. The CS window film series is long lasting and comes with a comprehensive warranty plan. The 3M series allows maximum resistance heat rejection and anti-glare properties. Why settle for less when these 3M series dark films provide significant comfort to its users in Dubai. The 3M color stable series keeps its users protected from the extremely harmful UV rays and keeps the total solar energy emission into the interiors up to 40% at bay.

  • It maintains a cool and comfortable environment indoors from the extreme heat outside it rejects up to 40% of the total solar energy.
  • The glare is reduced by almost 56%
  • The metallic tints give no interference with radio, mobile or GPS signals because the window films disperse nano carbon through the thickness of the film.
  • With protection from heat, also enjoy privacy indoors too with the 3M Color stable 35 series films.

The 3M CS 35 series window tints are dark shaded films to reject the solar heat and ultraviolet rays coming in through the windows. It provides significant relief from the extremely uncomfortable weather of Dubai. The 3M CS series brings to its users two outstanding features- clarity and superior heat reduction capability. It retains its color for years and along with heat and UV rays rejection its appearance is aesthetically pleasing too. Even though it is hot outside, the 3M series will keep the interiors cool and private it in the inside.


  • No signal interference to the technological devices
  • Rejects UV rays up to 99%
  • The total solar energy rejection is 40%
  • It provides 56% glare reduction
  • It gives a high level of privacy indoors


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