3M FX-ST Window Film 5

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FX ST 5 Series Window Films for Complete Car Protection in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most sophisticated and royal places in the world where luxury is just not a class but much more than that. You can see all the high-class expensive cars running on the roads of Dubai. It is one of the world’s beautiful and rich cities to live in. If you are living in Dubai, you must have observed the obsession of people to maintain the sophistication and class everywhere they go or live. This is one of the reasons why car window tinting solutions are most desirable in Dubai.

To give your car an elegant appearance full of sophistication and grace, we have the best FX ST 5 series of window film solutions. These are the jet black sheets which cover your windows of the car with least light visibility of up to 4%, while keeping a check on the heat and UV rays’ transmission. The car’s all-round protection is being provided by this FX ST 5 series to let you experience extremely comfortable space in the interior of your car so that you never find inconvenience even if travelling for long hours.

  • Keeps the car’s interior cool by blocking up to 80% of the sun's heat-producing infrared rays.
  • Provides amazing clarity with the non-metallized film which comes in a natural tone.
  • Blocks the UV rays which cause fading of the furnishings, and helping to extend the life your car’s interior accessories.
  • Ensures clear views and shine on the glass due to the scratch-resistant coating.
  • Looks extremely appealing from outside and offer a significant privacy & protection inside with 4% light visibility.
  • Strong performance with long durability at a very affordable price.
  • Rejects heat and 99% of the UV rays to provide you with all-round convenience in your car.
  • Reduces glare from the blinding sunlight so that you can focus on driving accurately.
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