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Vinyl Window Film - Protecting the Commercial Environment

Decorating is just one part, the commercial complexes need to be safe and secure from the external components so as to maintain a comfort zone inside. The vinyl window films in Dubai are quite commonly installed in the commercial buildings because of several benefits that they offer. From protecting the transmission of extreme heat or cold into the buildings, they offer the benefit of UV protection and maintains a relaxing environment in the office to let the staff work with convenience. Privacy is the biggest element that is offered by the vinyl films in the commercial space and that’s why it is preferably used nowadays. We at SAFA, have an extensive range of commercial vinyl window films in different unique designs and patterns made with world-class material to help you get your commercial space privatised and safe in all the aspects.

Why Should You Buy Vinyl Window Films in Dubai?

You must be having a question in mind that among the various privacy window film alternatives, why vinyl window film should be considered. Well, the answer for this is very simple - Vinyl films provide the best option to enhance the interior or exterior decor of your commercial space while offering several protection benefits. It’s always necessary to provide your staff and clients with the best environment so that they always love to visit your place and enjoy dealing with you. The office’s class has an essential role to play in putting a great impression on your clients or employees and attract them towards your business. The vinyl window films help in attaining the similar benefit. Apart from enhancing the interior or exterior decor, the vinyl films are highly protective and make the workplace quite convenient to stay for long hours.

Different Shades of Vinyl Window Films

To help you enhance the decor and put a great impression on the visitors about your commercial complex, the vinyl window films are available in different shades of colours. There are darkest to lightest range of films which you can opt as per your preference. The different colours are also available that you can choose to complement your decor and theme of the commercial building and get an impressive appearance. The UV protect specialisation is one of the biggest element of the decorative vinyl films to improve the working conditions. It blocks the UV rays and the excess heat outside the windows so that they do not put harmful effects on the assets and the lives of people inside. Moreover, the light transmission allowed by these films make the environment refreshing and positive.

Easy Application & Replacement of Vinyl Films

The 3M vinyl window film solutions are available with comprehensive warranty plan ensuring replacement of the product if it doesn’t work as per the specifications. However, it surely doesn’t mean that the product quality is poor or ineffective. The technique used in designing and creating the vinyl films is advance and efficient and implemented after doing market research and analysis. These films are applied easily on the surface of the windows using a simple and effective way. In order to ensure bubble-free film installation, the soapy water is used in the application process. Furthermore, as the vinyl films are made of self-adhesive coating, they remain affixed on the windows for a long term providing protection, privacy, security and of course decor. Our entire team at SAFA has the expertise of providing the installation of the window films and we aim to get them customised as per the requirement of the clients so that they love what they receive as a service from our side. The entire range of vinyl films are highly sophisticated at SAFA and you must not miss getting the best shade of same installed in your commercial space in Dubai to add more class to your building.

SAFA - The Best Place to Buy Vinyl Film in Dubai

It is always advisable to get associated with a top brand whenever buying something for the commercial usages. The vinyl window films have a great impact on your commercial reputation and help in enhancing the brand image a lot. This is the reason, we at SAFA, provide the world-class 3M vinyl window films for the commercial purposes to help one get the best out of the various alternatives of vinyl films in Dubai. With over 10 years of expertise and experience, we have become a prior choice for vinyl window film installation in Dubai, UAE. Our well-trained staff understands the requirements of the commercial buildings to get the vinyl films installed and we make a thorough analysis of the building before getting the things done. The designing and patterns of the vinyl films are chosen with due care to complement the entire aura and the decor of the commercial building. Hence, if you wish to get the best 3M vinyl film installed on your windows and doors of commercial space, we are the right choice for you.

  • Privacy


    The major benefit of vinyl films is that it provides a great degree of confidentiality to your commercial space for the higher convenience of the staff.

  • Sun Protection

    Sun Protection

    The 3M vinyl window films have the element of protecting the interior of the commercial space from excessive heat and UV radiation of the sun.

  • Design


    The beautifully designed and patterned vinyl window films give you the option to enhance the decor of your office in a stylish way.

  • Customisation


    We work as per client’s desire and collaborate with the customers to provide them with the best-in-class vinyl films that suit their specific needs.

  • Affordable


    Even the best designs and high-quality 3M vinyl window films are also very much cost effective and do not burden your pockets.

  • Easy Installation

    Easy Installation

    The vinyl window films are very easy to apply and install on the flat surface of the glass of the windows and can even be removed easily.

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