3M FX-ST 30

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FX ST 30 - Providing Privacy & Comfort in the Car

This exclusive and convenient series of the window film solution in Dubai has so much to offer at a great price. The FX ST 30 series window films are absolutely the most-demanded window films in Dubai because they are designed with a sophisticated technology to give your car an aesthetic appearance with several benefits. Those who are looking for the best window tinting solutions at a very small price must consider the FX ST 30 window film for their cars. By rejecting the solar heat, these darker shade films provide you with privacy and comfort.

At SAFA, we strongly recommend the FX ST 30 window films to the clients because of several benefits that are offered by them. By rejecting up to 70% of the heat outside the window, these films help in maintaining a cool environment in the car. A significant glare relief is offered to prevent you from interruptions due to the sparkling sunlight. The car’s privacy is maintained in the best way, while safeguarding the inner furnishings from the damaging UV rays of the sun. Designed and created with the advanced technology, the FX ST 30 is an absolute solution to make your car protective in all aspects.

  • Maintains a cool environment in the car by rejecting the sun’s heat.
  • The interior of the car remains durable as it is safeguarded from the damaging UV rays.
  • By reducing glare, the interruptions caused by the sunlight are reduced to nil.
  • The people sitting in the car enjoy privacy and safety from the external components.
  • The visible light transmitted through the glass is between 28% to 30% keeping the privacy maintained.
  • Up to 99% of the UV rays are rejected outside the window to protect the interior from serious damage.
  • Glare rejection is provided up to 60% which helps in reducing the interruption and inconvenience caused due to sunlight.
  • The comprehensive warranty plan makes this window tinting solution highly cost-effective and of course a must-buy.
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