FASARA - The Decorative Films Providing Protection & Privacy

We, at SAFA, understand the importance of elegant interior in the residential and commercial spaces and provide the best-quality FASARA glass finishes in Dubai. These decorative glass finishes are used specifically for controlling the light to enter the interior, and also provide privacy while enhancing the grace and beauty of the interior.

The FASARA films are made of the thin layer of polyester with decorative matte surface in order to provide the best level of privacy, decoration and architectural applications. These films provide a sophisticated ambience to your space and provide a dynamic appearance. 3M FASARA films that we provide are easily installed and applied to the windows or doors resulting in non convenience.

FASARA Glass Finish - An Ultimate Alternative

The etched, sandblasted, frosted, textured, and cut are the decorative glass designs which are advantageous due to the customisation and privacy element available. But the cost element of cutting, etching, texturizing or frosting is quite unfavourable. That’s the reason behind the rising popularity of the FASARA films in the market. When you can achieve the same features with customisation and privacy components, at a cost that is pocket-friendly, then why miss that option. Designed with an exclusive and efficient technique, the FASARA window films provide the top-class solution for sun control, privacy and decoration in the residential or commercial all at once with the easy-to-install feature. You can install these cost-effective films on the window of your premises to enjoy the same style and sophistication that is achieved through the sandblasted, textured or etched glasses but at a considerably small price.

What Makes FASARA a Better Choice?

Nothing can be much better than a solution that can offer multiple benefits at the same time. If you are looking for the window film solutions in Dubai, then FASARA is the best alternative. Here are the reasons for the same -

  • Decoration - The aesthetic designs of the FASARA films are very attractive which transform the plain glass window into a sophisticated decorative furnishings. It gives the similar appearance like that of the etched or textured windows making the house look stunning.
  • Customisation - You have the option to get the customised FASARA film in terms of size, privacy level, designs and colour to suit your requirement and theme of your house or office.
  • Easy Installation - The self-adhesive 3M FASARA window films ensure fast, accurate, and easy application and helps your house or office get a redefined and beautiful look.
  • Durability - the FASARA window films are constructed with the high-quality 3M materials which ensure long durability of the films on the windows even if the weather conditions are unfavourable.
  • Protection - These films are helpful in protecting the interior of the commercial or residential spaces from sun’s harmful UV rays and keep a check on the temperature inside by blocking the heat out of the window.
Application of FASARA Window Films in Dubai

The 3M FASARA films are useful for a variety of purposes and can be applied to different surfaces for varying benefits. Be it the conference rooms, lobby areas, retail stores or the residential property, the FASARA films are effectively useful everywhere. The films are designed with the polyester for interior glass application. You can give a unique texture on the window by applying the films in different layers. We have exclusive range of designs and colours, and you can more than 50 options for your window treatments to suit your style or theme of decor. The safety element in the FASARA films is helpful in holding the glass substances together at the time of accidental glass breakage. The UV protection offered by the window films are helpful in keeping the environment safe inside and you need not worry about the service or maintenance as it does not require much care. You can clean them with the commonly available non-abrasive cleaning solutions.

Why Choose SAFA?

Among the various window film solution companies in Dubai, SAFA holds one of the most reputed positions in the industry. We have the top quality 3M FASARA films available in a wide range of designs and patterns to help you get the customised solutions to complement with your theme of decor. You can get the films installed in bathrooms, lobby areas, conference rooms, retail stores, and various other spaces in which you wish to maintain privacy and safety. Our team of professional experts provide the top-class window treatments and have expertise in applying the films with utmost efficiency. We use the best material and application process while installing the FASARA films so that all the features of these films can be successfully attained. If you are looking to get installed the top-class window films installed in your commercial or residential films, then we can help you with the best quotes. Get associated with out team and make a plan to redefine your space in an exclusive style.

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