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Safety & Security Window Film - Extending View on Safety

You need not be worried about the safety element in your commercial space. Be it the hurricane, severe storms, accidents, terrorist attacks, or anything damaging to the building or lives of the people, the safety and security window films in Dubai provide complete protection to your workplace. They act as a shield and prevent any damage that may occur to the assets or the lives of the people working in the offices. It’s a prime responsibility to make the commercial spaces safe for working and the safety and security window films can help with the same. The sheets protect the glass windows and doors from breakage even if somebody attacks with full force to get into the premises. This is an additional feature to make your workplace attractive for the clients and the staff.

Need to Install the Safety & Security Film in Dubai

Everyone is aware of the fact that many a time Dubai faces various unfavourable weather conditions which directly affect the structured premises in the state. As all the buildings have the glass windows and doors, it becomes quite risky sometimes to manage the breakage of the glasses due to storms or strong winds. Furthermore, the broken glass pieces even fly with the strong wind which may lead to causing several accidents or injuries to the lives of the people. Apart from this, the commercial buildings have always been the targeted point for several criminal attacks and they simply break the glasses of the windows or doors to enter inside for theft or any other criminal purpose. To safeguard the commercial space from all such issues, the safety and security films are installed on the windows and glass doors to act as a shield or a protector.

Safety Window Films

What’s Special About Safety & Security Films?

The windows are the source of light and natural view in the building. They bring positive energy in the form of fresh air and sunlight which enhances the environment considerably. But you must not forget that they are also the source of a huge damage. In case of harsh weather conditions or accidents (which are unpredictable), these glass windows are prone to breakage which may lead to causing injury or life damage. On the flip side,they are also commonly used by the burglars or thieves to commit the criminal activities. Hence, it is quintessential to get these windows protected with a shield so that they do not break even if any hard object is hit on to it. The commercial space where huge business assets are kept and various confidential informations are stored needs to be secured from external components, and the commercial safety & security window films can help you with the same.

The structure and physical properties of the safety and security window films are quite efficient. These window films have self-adhesive coating which is helpful in bonding it to the glass. Some of the safety films are coated smoothly to provide superior optical clarity and better protection and safety. All the 3M safety and security window films pass through standard tests to ensure that these films perform exactly as desired in adverse situations. We make sure that the films that we offer to the clients in Dubai are well-certified and tested.

Application of Safety & Security Films - Protection Elements

The safety and security window films are used in Dubai wherever there are chances of breakage of the glass windows or doors. You can apply them to even tough, annealed or laminated glasses with different thickness ensuring greater resistance to splintering. As these films ensure delayed entrance, they are installed at places where such delay is required for life and asset protection. They also have added components for keeping a check on solar heat and radiation as well as for decorative effects in the commercial spaces. Their physical properties allow them to be used for personal safety, protection against glazing which may cause during earthquake, increased security from bomb blasts and hazards, and the additional protection against hurricanes. The 3M safety and security films have the element of all-round protection to safeguard your life and assets in the commercial buildings and that’s the reason we tend to offer the same to the clients in Dubai.


We are the experienced window film providers and installers in Dubai for the past 10 years and have great expertise in providing the top-class solutions to fulfil your safety requirements. The safety & security films are exclusively used in the commercial spaces to safeguard the working environment and we have installed several safety films in Dubai which are highly appreciative and protective. With a large number of happy clients, SAFA has been successful in building a brand reputation in Dubai, UAE, and is the prior choice for safety & security window films for commercial use. We have two different forms of 3M window safety films, one which provides just safety from breakage, while the other which provide sun protection along with safety elements. Our team of professional window film installers and the consultants provide you with top-class security benefits with long durability.

  • Safety & Security

    Safety & Security

    The major element of these window films is that it prevents the internal environment from any accidental damage and protects the life of people and assets.

  • Sun Protection

    Sun Protection

    The 3M safety and security window films combine with the 3M sun control films to provide all-round protection to the building.

  • UV Protection

    UV Protection

    The safety window films prevent the UV rays to enter the commercial premises and thus protect the furnishings from fading or losing the life.

  • Warranty


    We provide the comprehensive warranty of the 3M safety & security window films in order to help you protect from damaged or poor film solutions.

  • Affordable


    The price range of the 3M safety & security window films is absolutely affordable and does not burden your pockets at all.

  • Easy Installation

    Easy Installation

    The safety window films are easily installed and have the long durability to help safeguard your commercial space from accidental damages.

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