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Best Reflective Window Films in Dubai for Residential Use

This category of window films popularly known as the reflective window films is designed to provide sun protection from the UV rays and the excessive heat that is transmitted during the summer season in Dubai. By absorbing the solar heat, the reflective films cut the sun rays and control the heat and glare to provide protective environment in the residential premises. Not only sun protection, these reflective window films offer privacy element as well, as the inside view is not visible from the windows coated with the reflective window films. Moreover, these films are also very useful in providing exterior decor to the residential premises. With protection and safety or security features, the reflective window film is the perfect solution to help you protect your residential environment from exterior elements, and live a comfortable life.

reflective window film in dubai

Why Should You Install Reflective Window Film in Dubai?

The reflective window films are the need of the hour right now because of the several reasons. Everyone is well aware of the weather conditions in Dubai and also understands the need of having privacy in the residential buildings. The reflective window films provide the solution to sort out the same concern with various other advantages. By making reflective shields on the windows, they act as the privacy-provider as it becomes difficult to see through the coated window from outside. Furthermore, with the sun-protective elements, they help safeguarding the wooden furniture and carpets, etc., from the UV rays of the sun. Through installation of the reflective films, the windows are less prone to shatter due to any of the accidental reasons making lives and assets safe inside. By giving the mirror finish to the outside view of the windows, they add elegance to enhance the exterior decor of the house as well.

Why Choose SAFA?

We are the regular service providers of the sun control window films in Dubai and have over 10 years of experience in the industry, and by providing the best-class 3M reflective window films, we have helped various residential houses to attain protection from the sun as well as safety and security from any accidental damage. Our professional team of installers of the window films thoroughly analyse the requirements of the clients and deliver the accurate reflective film solution to help them fulfil their needs. From protection to prevention, everything is ensured by the 3M reflective window films, and we also make sure to give the exterior of your house an elegant finish for decor. We have always been the best in the industry and this is why we are the prior choice for the window film installation in Dubai.

  • Sun Protection

    Sun Protection

    By resisting the UV rays and heat outside the window, these reflective films provide protection to assets and life of the people in the residential space.

  • Privacy


    The reflective window films offer a great deal of privacy protection to the people as the inside view is not visible from outside the window where the films are installed.

  • Decor


    The reflective films help enhance the decor of your residential premises and make your exterior beautiful and attractive.

  • Customisation


    As per the desires of the clients and by collaborating with them, we ensure delivering the customised reflective window films to their residential premises.

  • Durability


    Once installed, the reflective window films do not need repetitive servicing and remain fixed for long duration.

  • Easy Installation

    Easy Installation

    The reflective window film solutions are easy to install and remove without affecting the residential property in any way.

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