3M Commercial Blackout Window Film

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Blackout Window Film - Offering Privacy That You Desire

We thoroughly understand the requirement of the best privacy window films in the commercial windows and doors and that’s the reason we have brought for you the top-class blackout window films to be used in the commercial premises for ensuring 100% privacy. If you wish to maintain a high degree of confidentiality with zero transparency, the blackout film is the absolute solution for you. With easy application, you can get the blackout window film installed either in the top front of your office or to hide a specific department or segment in the interior to maintain office decorum. We at SAFA, have the customised solutions for your privacy needs and are willing to help you attain absolute comfort when you are in the commercial premise by providing you that personal space for work.

The Effectiveness of Blackout Window Film

The blackout films have a variety of benefits to offer among which the biggest one is privacy. If you are looking for the window films which can offer you the level of security and secrecy, blackout window films can help you a lot. Apart from providing a non-transparent environment to your office, the blackout film has the anti-glaring elements and provide security against burglary and vandalism as well. During summers, when the weather is extremely hot in Dubai, the blackout film prevents the transmission of heat into the commercial premises and maintains cool and comfortable environment while saving the energy usage. In a similar way, during winters, it maintains a cosy environment in the office. Various other benefits of the blackout films include - anti-graffiti protection, UV protection, elimination of the danger of scratches, and beautiful appearance & decor. Hence, the blackout window films are absolutely effective in making your workplace a better place to stay and work for long hours.

Application of Blackout Window Film in Commercial Premises

The commercial spaces have certain areas which require complete privacy to maintain confidentiality. It may be the director’s cabin, a meeting room, the data room, or the department of finance and accounts, it is essential to keep it a bit more private than the other cabins or areas of the office. The blackout window films are specifically for those sections of your commercial workplaces. Once the blackout films are installed, zero or say nil light transmission is allowed and the person sitting or working in that area enjoy complete privacy. The two-way privacy provided by these films ensure dark and cooler environment in the room.

The application process of the blackout window films is very effective which ensures its long durability. The film is applied using a kind of soapy solution mixed with water which is helpful in installing the long sheets on the glass of the windows and help it in remaining fastened. Our team of blackout film installers has the experience and expertise of installing the window film solutions in the commercial spaces and they ensure easy installation of the blackout films with no harm to other assets of the building. We have different ways of applying the films in the windows as per the availability and location of the window where the film has to be installed so that the best benefit is attained no matter what.

Different Varieties of Blackout Window Film

Among the various options available, you can get installed the blackout window films which are more suitable to your environment, theme of decor, and of course the purpose of installing. The blackout window films are available in two shades, viz., white and black. The white blackout films are white in colour and serve the same purpose of blocking the light transmission on both the sides of the windows allowing you complete privacy. The black coloured blackout also does the same as you know. If you find the black colour a bit negative, then you must install the white shade. However, there is a point to consider in the white blackout films that it does not block complete but 99% of the light transmission. So according to your preference and requirement, you can opt for any one of the blackout window films for your office in Dubai and enjoy privacy that is unmatchable.

SAFA - The Best Name for Blackout Films in Dubai

With an experience of over 10 years in the industry in Dubai, we are well aware of the customary requirements of the clients and know exactly how to fulfil them. The 3M blackout window films that we provide to the clients have the world-class reputation and provide guaranteed results. The commercial offices have to be highly sophisticated and classy so as to showcase the brand reputation in the market and we are perfect in delivering the same class. Our wide range of blackout films also enhance the decor of your workplace so that everybody loves to visit your office every time. By ensuring the maximum glare reduction and a high degree of privacy and sun protection at the same time, we make sure that the blackout window film enhances the working environment in your commercial building making it more comfortable and relaxing as well as convenient for working.

  • Complete Privacy

    Complete Privacy

    With the anti-glare and anti-graffiti features, the blackout films provide you with the benefit of owning a completely private place.

  • Sun Protection

    Sun Protection

    By protecting the interior environment from excessive heat and UV rays, the blackout films are beneficial for sun protection purposes.

  • Weather Protection

    Weather Protection

    Blackout film controls the transmission of the exterior weather conditions to enter the commercial premises to maintain a comfort zone.

  • Easy Installation

    Easy Installation

    The process of installation and removal of the blackout films is absolutely convenient and does not harm the assets of the commercial property.

  • Durability


    Once applied, the blackout films remain stuck on the windows and glass doors for a longer tenure without any need of frequent servicing.

  • Cost-Efficient


    The 3M blackout window films are prudently cost-effective and provide an absolute guarantee of the product putting less impact on the pockets.

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