3M FX-ST window film 20

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FX St 20 Series Window Films - The Car Care Solution in Dubai

The comfort that you get while sitting in your car is something you cannot find elsewhere. Be it a simple hatchback compact car, or the luxurious and the sedan class one, you always want your car to look superb and beautiful. If you desperately love your car so much, then why settle for the car-care solutions that ain’t reliable at all! When it comes to maintaining, you must not compromise with localised products but go for a brand, and the 3M window film solutions have the same element.

We have got the best FX ST 20 series of the window films in Dubai to help you make your car’s life longer while attaining a high degree of convenience and comfort when sitting or driving. This window tinting film has the feature to allow only up to 20% of the light visibility, and hence helps in maintaining a cool environment inside. The sun’s heat and harmful rays are kept outside and keep the interior preventive and safe from any sort of damage.

  • Keeps the car cool and comfortable while keeping a check on the excess heat outside the window.
  • Allows up to 20% of the light visibility and thus provides high degree of privacy.
  • Reduces the interruptive glare to let you focus on driving without any inconvenience.
  • Rejects maximum UV rays to prevent the interior of the car from fading or getting obsolete.
  • Car protective shield providing several benefits like heat reduction, UV rejection, and a cool environment.
  • The appearance of the car is absolutely appealing and gives your car a sophisticated look.
  • With comprehensive warranty plan, the FX ST 20 series window film is absolutely cost-effective.
  • This non-metallised window film does not interrupt the mobile connectivity or the GPS system.
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