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Prestige Window Films - Unique Solution to Solar Protection

The 3M prestige window film series is the best form of window tinting solution which provides you with the benefit of enjoying the sunlight whole day while keeping a check on the negative elements of the sun rays. Designed to give your house an elegant appearance, the prestige window films are specifically designed to make your residential premises quite sophisticated. It allows 40% to 70% of the sun’s natural light in your house and what you see consequentially is the beautiful window which is clear and impressive. But you don’t need to worry about the heat and UV rays transmission into your residential house as the prestige film has the element to keep a check on the same. By using the not-metallised multi-layer optical film combined with nano-technology, the prestige window film series rejects up to 99.9% of the UV rays and blocks up to 60% of the heat transmission which further help in making the interior environment comfortable.

residential prestige Window Film

Several Benefits of Prestige Window Film Installation in Dubai

You might be desirous to know the reasons behind installing the prestige window film in the residential premises. If you are among the nature lovers and want the natural light to enter into your house whole day in order to generate positivity and refreshing environment, then you will definitely like the prestige window film for your home. With the high transmission of the visible light, it provides amazing elegance to the house’s interior and exterior. It rejects up to 97% of the infrared rays which help in saving the energy and protecting the inner environment of the house. There are no chances of corrosion as the films are non-metallised with zero signal interference. By rejecting the UV rays and excessive heat, these window films act as a shield to protect the furnishings, assets and the life of the people living in the house from any damage. The prestige film is the absolute solution to keep your house cool, comfortable, and protected.

Prestige Films - Providing Temperature Control & Energy Savings

The prestige films prove that beautiful is also cool when it comes to home decor and sun protection. These films are created with the top-quality 3M materials and are given unique looks and designs that make them ultimate and exceptional. If you are looking for the window films for the purpose of decor, then the prestige films are the solution. As the name suggests, the films have the potential to enhance the prestige of your house in an exquisite way. By keeping 97% of the heat outside the windows, these films are keen towards keeping the environment cool inside. Unlike the other sun control films, prestige window solutions provide the unsurpassed performance all day even at the times when it is extremely hot outside. As the UV rays are blocked outside, the furnishings are safeguarded against fading and damage. Being an added element to the home decor, the benefits yielded by the prestige film are like the icing on the cake. You must get them installed in the best designs matching your decor theme and stay protected even in the extreme weather conditions in Dubai.

Window Film Warranty by 3M - World-Class Solution

Making the right choice of window film solution is equally important as choosing various other decor and utility things for the home. This is the reason SAFA aims to deliver the world-class window films to the clients in Dubai so that they can enjoy the top most quality without worries. The protection of the house and the life of assets and people inside is more important than anything else and the 3M prestige window films provide the ultimate solution for the same. As these films are backed by comprehensive warranty, you don’t need to worry about their replacement as well. The quality is the foremost element and when it is about home’s security and protection, the responsibility is even bigger. 3M prestige window film is an exclusive option to enhance the decor of the house while enjoying sun protection and privacy. You cannot find anything better than this if you are concerned about sun protection but don’t want to lose the elegance and grace of your home decoration. So get the best film installed at your residence and enjoy benefits which are impeccable.

Why Be SAFA Your Choice for Prestige Films?

Joining hands with the professionals is always desirable and of course beneficial. We, at SAFA, have over 10 years of professional experience in the window film installation industry in Dubai and have successfully undertaken several residential projects with 100 % satisfaction. SAFA has its name in the top window film service providers in Dubai and that’s why by associating with us for the installation of prestige window film for your residential building, you can achieve a great degree of comfort and relaxation at a very reasonable cost. The 3M prestige film that we offer and install are made of nano-technology that prevents the UV rays and infrared rays from entering the premises, and also ensure that excessive heat is not transmitted to the building to provide a comfortable and safe environment to live in. Apart from this, as the prestige film is absolutely smooth and elegant in its looks, it helps in enhancing the beauty and decor of your house not just from inside but also from the exterior.

  • Sun Protective

    Sun Protective

    The prestige window films reduce the heat transmission by up to 60% making the interior of the house convenient to live in.

  • UV Protection

    UV Protection

    It is ensured by 3M prestige window films that the UV rays are blocked by 99.9% outside the window making it safe and protective inside the residence.

  • Decor


    The prestige window films have the element of enhancing the exterior and interior decor of your house in a sophisticated style.

  • Natural Light

    Natural Light

    If you are looking for window films that can offer full-day sunlight to your interior, the prestige window films must be your choice for sure.

  • Safety


    Build with an innovative technique, the prestige window films provide safety against collision and help in safeguarding from accidental damages.

  • Customisation


    With a wide range of prestige window film series, we offer great customisation to the clients to let them fulfil their specific requirements in the best way.

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