Safety and Security


Safeguarding Commercial & Residential Glass Windows

It’s always important to take every essential step for providing the top level of protection to the spaces where we live or spend most of our times. Our exclusive range of safety and security films have the same objective to help your commercial and residential spaces stay secure. With this, we intend to protect you from uncertain incidents which may cause heavy damages in terms of assets or life.

The safety and security films are installed on the glass windows and doors as well as on the glass-structured tall walls of the commercial complexes to provide them all-round protection from physical damage and other environment-related issues. The entire range of commercial and residential safety windows provide exclusive shades and patterns to match with the designing and decor of your space so that you do not compromise on your style while installing the safety films on the windows.

Why Do You Need to Install Safety & Security Window Films in Dubai?

Making your commercial or residential space safe and protective is obviously a must. Dubai is the place where there are unfavourable weather conditions and harsh climatic variations which directly put a huge impact on the buildings and structures. Various natural disasters like earthquake and fast blowing wind explosions like hurricane are a bit common in some disaster-prone areas as well. As the glass windows and doors are prone to breakage causing various life and asset damage, there is a strict need to install the protective shields on those glasses to prevent breakage. Moreover, there are accidental damages due to criminal activities like theft and burglary which are unpredictable and you need to keep high protection to avoid the same. For that, the safety & security window films can provide you great precaution. These films are designed in a way to ensure non-breakage of the window glasses and doors due to various external forces or accidents.

How Protective Are the Safety & Security Films!

The functionality and the manufacturing technique of the safety window films provide assurance against breakage of the glass windows. They are designed to hold the glass fragments if the windows or doors are shattered so that the fragments don’t fly causing injury in many forms. It helps the glass to get a hold together due to which the criminals do not get the chance to flee and they are caught easily. Apart from this, the 3M security films are available in two variables. One which are solely for safety purposes, where the films are clear providing protection against breakage or accidental damage of the windows. While on the flip side, there are some window films which also have the sun protection element. These safety & security films have the tinted sun control solutions which ensure just not safety but also protection against excessive sun’s heat and harmful UV rays. There are varieties of 3M safety films at SAFA with unique and distinguishing features. You may opt for the ones that are exceptionally well suited to your residential or commercial requirements to attain maximum advantages.

Why Choose SAFA for Safety Films in Dubai?

At SAFA, we strongly believe that there has to be adequate standards and methods for developing and then testing the products. This is the reason why we are providing the world-class 3M safety & security films to the clients in Dubai. The 3M window films pass through various tests before coming into the market. And when it is about the safety and security of life and assets, their tests are even more comprehensive. While installing the safety films on the commercial and residential windows or door, we make sure not to put any harm of the property. We adopt the best techniques and procedures to apply the film on the window to ensure that its features are successfully enjoyed without an interruption. We have undertaken several projects in Dubai which include schools, villas, apartments, retail stores and commercial complexes, and are well aware of the requirements at each level of installation on the basis of the size and type of structure. We provide customisation at every stage and make sure that the client is completely satisfied with the installation of safety window films to ensure protection and security.

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