Mirror Effect Film

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Top-Class Mirror Effect Window Films in Dubai

The window films have a great impact on your brand and business position in the market as they showcase how much do you care about making your workplace much better and convenient. The mirror effect window films are the commonly used window films used in the commercial properties in Dubai nowadays because of the reason that they provide just not a great deal of privacy and confidentiality but also helps in giving the building an aesthetic look along with a comfortable environment. As Dubai is a hub for various commercial activities and there are a large number of buildings and structures which are used primarily for the commercial purposes, the need of mirror effect window film in Dubai is absolutely important. We have the top-class 3M mirror effect window films which are aimed at reciprocating the theme of your business while retaining the professional and sophisticated feel and to enhance your brand position in the market.

Mirror Effect Film

Mirror Effect Window Film - What’s So Special

The mirror effect films are very useful in the commercial spaces as they offer complete privacy to the place while providing you with a unique way of monitoring the activities which are being undertaken outside the window. On one side of the mirror effect film, there is a mirror, while on the other side there is a transparent sheet which shows everything that’s happening outside. It is also one of the best ways to attract the customers in the case of retail shops and cafeterias as people surely looks at the mirror glass of your window while passing out and may find interest in getting in to your shop too. Moreover, the mirror effect window films are a wonderful solution for the purpose of giving your commercial space a unique appearance from outside while enhancing the decor as a whole.

Working of Mirror Effect Window Films

The basic concept of the one-way mirror effect window films is about imparting an illusion that one side of the window has a reflective mirror, while the other side is a transparent glass allowing you to see through. You might be having a query in mind that how this can be possible that one side is a mirror while other a transparent glass in the window. The answer to this is in the principles on the basis of which these window films are designed. Basically, the one-way mirror effect film functions according to a mix of two principles - manufacturing smartness & lighting factor.

When the manufacturing is under process, the transparent glass window is coated with a reflective metal in the form of a thin layer which can be either aluminium or silver. However, it is made sure that only half of the aluminium molecules are used for such purposes as compared to other normal mirrors in which the complete aluminium molecules are utilised. It is done so as to allow the partial light to transmit through the glass surface

Under the lighting factor, both the areas between which the mirror is installed are given different light intensity, where the one is a bit brighter, the other is kept darker. This results in the installation of the one-way mirror glass windows where the person standing on the lit side will find his reflection in the glass window, and the one standing in the darker shade would be able to see outside through the transparent glass of the window. It is an ultimate solution for privacy in the commercial premises

Application of Mirror Effect Window Film

Be it the residential or commercial spaces, the need for mirror effect window film solutions is rising consistently because of the benefits and utilities it offers. They are most commonly used in the interview or interrogation rooms to observe the behaviour of the interviewee sitting outside the room, which is also a part of the interview in some cases. You can get these films installed in the residential or commercial windows to maintain a high degree of privacy. If you don’t want the passers-by to look through your windows the interior of your space when you are working or spending quality time in your house, the mirror effect window films can help you a lot. You may use these window films in your automobile or vehicles as well to enjoy privacy so that no one can get an inside view of your car. The mirror effect films are also quite useful in enhancing the uniqueness of your decor and that’s why you must not miss installing them in your home or office.

Why Choose Us for Mirror Window Films?

By providing you with numerous options for the mirror window films for your commercial space, we intend to fulfil the customisation requirement which is a pre-condition at various places. Being experienced in this industry, we at SAFA, have the world-class 3M window films for your commercial space to provide you with the best services and solutions for your needs. We have advanced working approaches to the installation of the mirror effect window films with which we make sure that your commercial space is just not given privacy element, but also a high degree of sophistication and an impressive exterior design. The entire range of mirror effect films is exclusive and cost-effective in order to get your commercial building get privatised with long durability without being worried about the regular care or servicing

  • Adequate Thickness

    Adequate Thickness

    The mirror effect window films are thick enough and that’s why get stuck to the glass easily for a long time. The thickness is between 1.5mil to 2mil.

  • Sun Protection

    Sun Protection

    The mirror effect film provides a high degree of sun protection as it rejects up to 85% of the solar energy from entering the commercial property and keep the environment cool.

  • UV Rejection

    UV Rejection

    The mirror effect film restrains 99% and even more of the UV rays outside the windows providing protection to the inner environment and the assets.

  • Reflective Appearance

    Reflective Appearance

    One side of the mirror effect window covers is reflective just like mirrors while from the other side, you can see everything transparently.

  • Easy Installation

    Easy Installation

    We use the top-quality mirror effect film and the advanced methodology to apply or install the mirror effect film on the windows or glasses to maintain efficiency.

  • Budget-Friendly


    The mirror effect window films are available at the best prices which do not burden your pockets at all and you can get the personalised films without worrying about the cost.

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