3M Residential Blackout Window Film

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Residential 3M Blackout Window Film - Providing Complete Privacy

Privacy is the biggest concern in every residential premise to live a comfortable and relaxing life. Everyone has the personal concerns and require a space where they can live freely without worrying about any external element. Home is the most relaxing place for an individual where one enjoys complete privacy and spends quality time with the family members. For such purposes, and to provide complete privacy to the residential premises, the blackout window films are installed nowadays. These films have the special element of blocking the transmission of light in the premises be it in day or night. With this, the inside view during days and the outside view during nights are completely blocked and the people living in the house enjoy comprehensive privacy. Being designed and created in unique patterns, some of the blackout films are also useful in decorating the interior of the house as well. You can privatise your lobby, bedroom or the bathroom with these exclusive blackout window films to enjoy personalised space.

3M Residential Blackout Window Film

Why Buy Blackout Window Film in Dubai?

The blackout window films are exclusively designed to help you attain complete privacy and personalised space in your residential premises. Although the sunlight brings positivity and refreshing environment in the house, the heat and UV rays are quite dangerous and affect the interior decor at the same time. Thus, it is quite essential to protect the interior of the house in an effective manner and the blackout window films are proved helpful in this concern. In Dubai, the summers are extremely hot and the winters are too cold to manage. The blackout window films provide protection against the unfavourable weather conditions with the high technology features. It blocks the excessive heat outside the windows and does not allow it to enter the premises during summers, and hence, help in keeping the inside environment cool while ensuring the reduction in the energy consumption. During winters as well, it is ensured by the blackout window films that the cool winds are kept outside and the inner environment is maintained cosily.

Residential Blackout Window Films - Major Benefits

No matter where you reside, privacy has to be confirmed to live a peaceful life in the house. It is required not just to enjoy the quality times, but also a major safety element so that the passers-by cannot see what’s happening in the house. The blackout window films bring various benefits altogether to make your life safe and secure while you live in your home. As the blackout window films do not allow even a bit of light to transmit inside the house, they are the best form of solution to maintain high degree of darkness in the room. The view from either sides is blocked completely so that you enjoy living in with complete privacy. The top-quality 3M window blackout films have the solar reflecting element of more than 40%, with the heat absorption property exceeding 50%, which make the interior of the house 100% sun protective. With this, a lot of electric energy is saved reducing the cost of electricity. The variety of blackout films available at SAFA in the shades of white and black provide you the best option for customisation as well to suit your home’s decor.

Application Process of Blackout Film in Residential Windows

We, at SAFA, never tend to offer a solution which does not provide complete satisfaction to the clients’ requirements. The blackout films have to be effective so that the purpose of installing is attained completely. Our team ensures the same by making proper arrangements to get the application of the film done in the best possible manner. We first take all the measurements of the windows or doors on which the blackout films have to be installed, and then cut the films with proper customisation so that application is done effectively. We use the high-quality pasting techniques due to which the films remain applied for a longer time period. Moreover, as the blackout films are self-adhesive, they remain fixed durably, and the smoothness is highly maintained. In terms of cleaning and other maintenance of the films post installation, you need not spend too much of resources as they do not require regular servicing as well. The comprehensive warranty plan offered by 3M makes the films more reliable and cost-effective that you must not miss buying the same for your residential safety and privacy.

SAFA - The Best Choice for Residential Blackout Films

With an experience of over 10 years in the window film installation, our team possesses great expertise and efficiency in delivering the best-class film installation services in Dubai. The 3M blackout window films that we offer are designed with advanced technology and provide several benefits at the same time along with privacy as the major concern. Being available in vast varieties and categories, these films are helpful in enhancing the decor as well. Apart from this, the sun’s rays are kept blocked outside the premises keeping the interior of the house safe from the UV rays and excessive heat. We have successfully installed the 3M blackout window films in the residential premises and have built up a great reputation through our effective services in Dubai. We are among the top priorities in terms of providing the world-class window tinting services in Dubai and thus by associating with us, you can sort out your privacy concern in the best way. Keeping all the aspects of your privacy in mind, we aim to deliver the perfect privacy solution to you.

  • Complete Privacy

    Complete Privacy

    The blackout window films block the transmission of light and provide a personalised environment in the residence for complete privacy.

  • Sun Protection

    Sun Protection

    The blackout films are designed with the sun protection elements and ensure that excessive heat is controlled outside the building to keep the environment cool.

  • UV Reduction

    UV Reduction

    The UV rays are being blocked outside the window to safeguard the interior of the house from UV rays and the damage which may be caused due to that.

  • Decor


    The wide range of blackout film is available in different designs and patterns as well to help you enhance the decor of your house in a stylish way.

  • Cost Effective

    Cost Effective

    The blackout window films are available at very reasonable price along with comprehensive warranty making it pocket-friendly.

  • Safety


    The safety and security element is also ensured by the blackout window films as they do not allow the glass breakage to fly in the air.

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