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Ensure Security in Your Residence with Safety Window Films

Everyone has the concern of maintaining security in the house so that any damage from accidental or criminal activities can be reduced to nil. You too must be looking for the solutions to ensure that your house is fully secured from burglars or armed thieves. The safety and security window films provide such solution to you with the best element of all-round protection for the residential premises. The 3M safety and security films designed for houses contain the bullet-resistant features and can bear the rods and other heavy types of equipment which are commonly used to break the glasses. There are several accidental and criminal activities which may occur in the residential premises leading to physical or life's damage or even loss. It is essential to take adequate steps in this regard and ensure that the assets and the lives are being protected inside.

Residential Safety & Security Film

The Significance of Safety & Security Window Films in Dubai

The security films are available in a wide range and aim at providing complete protection to the residential spaces in all aspects. The clear security films, solar security films and the decorative security films are some of the commonly used safety window films in the residences with their own significance and as per the desire of the clients. As the windows make the houses vulnerable to several external components that lead to damage of life and assets, it is a pre-requisite that adequate protection measures are taken into consideration. The safety and security window films possess all the qualities that are required for residential damage protection. The shatter-proof and break-resistance of the safety window films ensure that the glass is not easily broken by external forces, and hence provide protection against accidents.

Why Should You Install Safety & Security Window Films in Residence?

Home is the place where the most important people of your life live, i.e., your family. Compromising on their security and safety is definitely not acceptable and you too must not be willing to do so. The accidents, burglary, or theft are some of those activities which are not predictable and we need to take prior actions to stay protected against them. The safety and security window films are the solutions which are helpful in making your life secure and you can’t miss on installing them on your residential windows. The 3M safety & security films are designed with the top-quality material which provides complete protection to the interior of the house from all sorts of external forces. These films are not noticeable and are applied in the form of thin layer of sheet to prevent the glass from breakage. The effects of rough treatments like vandalism, break-ins, accidents or climatic issues are reduced and the external appearance is maintained sophisticatedly. Apart from protecting the interior of the house and keeping it safe and secure, the safety & security window films also provide you with the benefit of sun protection, UV reduction, and enhancement of decor.

Application of Safety Window Films

One solution with several benefits, that’s what safety window films are providing to the residential premises. The windows and glass doors in the house make the space more vulnerable to accidents and criminal attacks and that’s where you need the most of the security. You must install the safety window films on the front and back doors and all the windows of your house so that in case if any one tries to get into your house suspiciously, he or she is prevented outside. As these films have the capacity to hold the glass segments tightly even if anyone attempts to break it, it does not allow the glass to break completely. Also, as it prevents those tiny glass pieces from flying, it safeguards the lives from the damage that may be caused due to the same. The entire installation process of the safety window films ensures that the basic element of safety is completely achieved. They are self-adhesive and remain applied for long time without being noticeable so that you do not lose the look of the clean glass in your home decor.

Why SAFA for Safety & Security Window Films?

We have always been focused on delivering the solutions which can help your house get a comfortable and personalised space so that you enjoy quality time always. The safety and security window films that we install possess the qualities like sun protection, UV rays protection, security against external components, and privacy. Among the various categories, you can opt for the best safety and security window film for your premises and provide complete protection to your residence to live comfortably. Being customer-centric, we have always delivered the best-in-class safety window films and have a reputed position in the market due to which we are among the top priorities. You must associate with us to make your house secure and a safe place to live in.

  • Damage Protection

    Damage Protection

    As the safety window films ensure breakage resistance, they help to minimise the damages which may occur due to any criminal or accidental activity.

  • Robust


    The 3M safety window films that we offer are strong enough with transparency to make fool of the burglars if they make an attempt to break the glass.

  • Customisation


    The safety & security window films are available in different alternatives and we provide an accurate solution to suit your needs and the budget.

  • Durability


    The safety and security window films ensure long lastingness and once installed on the windows, you need not worry about the security of your house.

  • Complete Protection

    Complete Protection

    Not only from the burglars and thieves, the safety window films provide protection against the natural calamities and other exterior components as well.

  • Reduce Casualty

    Reduce Casualty

    By protecting the interior of the residence, the safety and security window films assist in reducing the casualties due to criminal activities.

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