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Home Window Tinting Services Dubai - Night Vision Film

Most of the time, one needs buying the window tinting films which provide complete protection during the daytime, but at night the inside view of the house is easily visible from such coated window even if the best films are installed. The reason being is that there are just a few window films which provide the night vision protection to the residential premises. The 3M night vision and the ultra night vision film that we offer at SAFA are absolutely the best solutions in this regards. By helping you gain complete privacy in the house during day and night, these night vision window films help maintain secrecy in the house without worrying about the external elements. Various window films do not allow you to get a clear vision outside the house during nights, but while designing the 3M night vision window films, this particular element has been given an absolute consideration and that’s why the night vision film has so many benefits to offer at once.

Night Vision Film

Why Should You Buy Night Vision Film in Dubai?

There are several benefits that you can look upon when installing the night vision window films on your home premises. As these are designed with the carbon fibre polyester, they offer great sight even at nights with the combination of low reflectivity and higher performance. By rejecting the heat, it provides energy savings and improves the comfort element in the house while reducing glare and eye discomfort which is caused due to the sun’s light. By blocking the UV rays outside the window, the night vision window films help in enhancing the life of the furnishings by reducing the chances of fading. The coating on the windows has the element of scratch resistance which is helpful in maintaining the shine and smoothness. The 3M night vision window films come with a comprehensive warranty plan making it quite cost-effective to purchase. With two different varieties of night vision films, viz., night vision & ultra night vision (which is the mix of 3M ultra series & 3M night vision series), you have the option to buy the one that suits more to your residential requirements.

3M Night Vision Window Film - The Name You Can Trust

The 3M night vision film is created with the proprietary technology which helps it in maximising the sun control and tones down the interior reflectivity so that a clear and unobstructed view is successfully provided. This element is missing in most of the other sun control films. This 3M vision product has the colour stability and the shade of the colour of the film applied on the window does not fade away due to the sun rays. We at SAFA, take better measurements and a thorough analysis of the location of your residence to make the best recommendation in terms of the shade and type of night vision window film to be applied. Being a world-class product, the quality of these sun control films is impeccable and as it comes with the warranty plan, there is a surety that its benefits shall be enjoyed without any hassle. We understand the importance of sun protection for your residential premises, and that’s why make sure that the night vision window film gives you the desired protection from the harmful sun rays. You must get these films installed on your house’s windows to protect the furnishings and the inner environment.

Variety of Night Vision Films for Sun Control

In order to help you enjoy clear vision during day and night, the night vision films are available in different varieties. We have the ultra night vision films available for those who have the desire for higher energy savings and comfort. It has the blast mitigation and wind-storm protection properties which make this film a must buy for added protection in certain cases. So you have the choice to opt for night vision or ultra night vision window films for your residential properties and enjoy sun control like never before. Moving further on the features to enjoy from this film, you would be surprised to know that it’s not just a sun protector but much more than that. The design and looks of these window films are helpful in enhancing the overall decor of the interior and exterior of the house in a sophisticated style. You enjoy complete privacy at your home and don’t have to worry about the inside view from the exterior. Apart from this, the cost of buying this film is very affordable and you really don’t have to worry about your budget while installing the night vision film at your home.

Why Choose SAFA for Night Vision Window Films?

We, at SAFA, have the low-reflection and ultimate-protection view perfection window films that help you fulfil the very requirement of installing the window films in the residential premises. Our aim is to provide you complete protection from sunlight, UV rays, accidental damages and of course offer privacy so that you never feel discomfort when at home. The night vision window films that we offer are exclusively for the similar purpose. We install these films with great perfection and provide the warranty in case of defects or damage in order to make your purchase successful. Our professional team has the expertise of installing the window films as per the requirement of the clients and for that, we work in collaboration with our customers so that they can get the perfect solution of what they desire. We can help you make your vision clear and comfortable while providing full day and night privacy through night vision window film installation in Dubai.

  • Clear Vision

    Clear Vision

    The prior objective of night vision film is to provide you with the clear vision during day or night so that you enjoy the nature’s beauty outside.

  • Sun Protection

    Sun Protection

    The night vision films have the element of reducing the heat transmission into the premises making it convenient to live in while reducing the energy consumption.

  • UV Protection

    UV Protection

    The night vision films have the capacity to reject up to 99% of the transmission of UV rays in the residence to safeguard assets and furnishings.

  • Natural Light

    Natural Light

    By allowing the natural light into to your room or house while preventing excess heat and UV rays, the night vision films help in developing a refreshing environment.

  • Easy Installation

    Easy Installation

    The night vision films are installed easily without affecting the assets of the residential premises and also easy to remove whenever required.

  • Affordable


    The entire range of night vision window tinting films is available at a reasonable price and thus does not cost much to your pocket.

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