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Best Commercial Sun Control Window Tinting in Dubai

Who doesn’t like the natural light that comes inside the building through windows and doors? We all cherish those views and the dazzling aura which is created during the daytime. But you must be aware that the sun’s rays do not come with just light but bring excessive heat, and contain harmful UV rays which may damage the valuable furnishings and assets inside your commercial spaces. Even more, due to the direct heat and sunlight coming into the office premises, it becomes quite inconvenient to work there. The sun control commercial window films provide the perfect solution to get rid of such issues and maintain a pleasant working environment in your commercial buildings. By preventing the heat and UV rays from entering inside the building through windows, the sun control film protects lives and assets making the spaces more comfortable to work at.

Building Window Tint

Sun Control Window Film - Need of the Hour

It is absolutely essential to providing a top-class working environment in the commercial spaces to the employees so that they do not get distracted because of one or the other reason while working there. In Dubai, there are so tall buildings that receive direct heat and light from the sun without any interruption. During summers, it becomes quite challenging to work in such a heating environment, and thus the need for the sun control window films arises. These window films restrict the light and UV rays outside the premises and help in cooling down the temperature in the building. This further helps in protecting the investments in the assets, ensuring peace of mind, and saves a lot of energy consumed by the air conditioners in cooling down the hot temperature in the office premises. The 3M window films are available in different shades and ranges and you can opt for the same at SAFA as per your specific requirement. 

Protect Investment & Save Money with Sun Control Films

The entire interior of your commercial complex has different furnishings and various decor items which cost a huge investment. The fabrics, wooden floors, picture frames, carpets, sofa sets, and various other valuables which you use in the commercial building for decor purposes are bought by spending a considerable amount. You would definitely want to keep them safe and secure so that they do not get affected by external elements and live longer. The commercial sun control window films are the main source to protect these furnishings and decor items from getting affected because of the UV radiation and the heat of the sun rays. As the UV rays and heat is blocked outside the window, they do not get the chance to affect the furnishings and the assets remain safe inside. Moreover, as the heat is restricted outside the window the inner environment of the commercial building remains cool and it does not require much electricity consumption for the purpose of running the cooling devices like air conditioners. With this, a considerable amount of electricity is reduced limiting the cost of electricity consumed in the building.

Sun Control Window Films - Various Benefits on Single Application

Once you apply the sun control films on your commercial windows, you need not worry about the daily maintenance of the same. With a comprehensive warranty plan, the 3M window films are highly qualitative and provide guaranteed security to the assets and inner environment of the commercial building. Not only this, as the UV rays are kept outside the glass, this helps the people working inside stay safe from an unhygienic environment. The UV rays are one of the sources of skin cancer and the sun control films provide great protection against the same. From controlling the temperature to securing the assets and lives inside the commercial premises, the sun control window films are the ultimate solution for all-round protection of your office space to give your staff a healthy and comfortable environment to live in. The application process of these window tinting solutions is absolutely convenient and does not require extra cost elements. Our professional team of installers makes customized plans to install the sun control films accurately as per the demand of the clients.

Why SAFA Be Your Choice for Sun Control Film?

We offer the 3M sun control films in different series which provide the all-around protection to the windows as well as the interior environment of your commercial spaces. We adopt the best sun control window film installation process to apply the shields in the most accurate manner ensuring guaranteed sun protection. Our team of experienced and well-trained staff is aware of the latest and advanced technique of applying the window shields and thus we make sure that the purpose of installing the sun control film is attained successfully. Your commercial space showcases your brand impression and thus it has to be very sophisticated. The sun control film adds to the exterior decor of the commercial buildings to make them look exquisite.

  • UV Rays Protection

    UV Rays Protection

    The sun control films are created with high technology to prevent the UV rays from entering the commercial premises and safeguard the assets and other property from damage.

  • Privacy


    The shaded sun control films also provide privacy as the interior of the commercial spaces is not visible from outside once the sun control films are installed.

  • Temperature Control

    Temperature Control

    By blocking the sun’s heat outside the building, the sun control window films help in maintaining a cool temperature in the premises.

  • Energy Saver

    Energy Saver

    The sun control window tinting film helps in adjusting the heating level resulting in reduction of the energy consumption in the commercial buildings.

  • Durability


    The 3M sun control film that we install on your commercial windows are long lasting as it does not lose the grip on the glass and sticks for long term.

  • Affordable


    Covering your building’s window with the sun control film may appear to be an expensive task, but we do it at a very reasonable pocket-friendly price.

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