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Best Ceramic Coating in Dubai

If you are looking for some preventive solutions for your car to get rid of the scratches, bird drops, and stone chips on your car, the nano ceramic car coating is the perfect tool for you. By forming a thick layer of nano particles on the external body of your car, it provides complete protection to your car’s paint and maintains its shine.

Nano Ceramic Coating Dubai

There is nothing better than the showroom shine and the original beauty of your car. Even if you adopt several expensive measures to make your car look good, once its novelty is lost, it loses forever. We, at SAFA, intend to help you maintain that originality of your car’s exterior with the best nano ceramic coating which is applied in the form of a layer on the car’s body.

Ceramic Car Coating - Need of the Hour

As the weather conditions in Dubai are quite unfavorable, it is quite challenging as well as important at the same time to prevent your car from all sorts of external components be it the UV rays, dust particles, stone chips, or so on. The nano ceramic coating is being created with the advanced technology keeping the current scenario in mind and thus provide all-round protection to the car and keep the exterior shiny and interior pleasant of the car. The ceramic car coating not only prevents the car’s body from scratches but also helps in protecting the original paint and shine of the car from the infrared rays of the sun which may fade away the novelty of the car.

Choosing SAFA Is the Right Decision

We don’t believe in speaking, rather believe in doing the tasks to prove our potential. Being an authorized car-care center in Dubai, we have already established a reputed position in the market and hence, the car paint protection services at SAFA are highly professional. Our trained experts are well aware of the requirements and the processes that they have to follow while coating the car with the nano ceramic material. Our pre and post-service maintenance services further enhance the reasons why we are the right choice for the ceramic coating in Dubai. Our aim to help your car remain brand-new always and that’s why we are people’s first choice.

What Are The Benefits of Nano Ceramic Coating?

It’s always a pride to travel in a car that has the original showroom like looks with the same shine and grace. The nano ceramic coating applied to the car is very helpful in maintaining the showroom looks of your car by keeping a check on the damaging external elements like dust or dirt. The major benefits that you can yield from the ceramic car coating include - protecting the car’s exterior body paint finishing, protecting the car’s paint from fading for a long duration, and easy maintenance as it does not require any extra care apart from the day-to-day maintenance.

The 3M nano car ceramic coating is the most reliable name in the industry providing the unique thickness that maintains the car’s novelty even after long years. The car’s body is protected by this shield and does not allow it to rust for a continuous period. Once the ceramic coating is applied, you can stay calm and park your car anywhere without worrying about the street thugs, bird drops, etc, and maintain the novelty forever. Furthermore, the car always looks clean and the coating does not get washed off even after regular washes. The nano ceramic coating is absolutely the shield for your car to protect it from all the ill-effects that various external components may have.

Different Application Processes of Ceramic Car Coating

The demand of ceramic car coating is varying depending on the type of vehicle and the level of protection desired by the clients. We, at SAFA, have got different processes of applying the ceramic coating to suit your exact requirements. The three-layer coating and the five-layer coating are the two major options that you can find at Safa Automotive for the complete exterior protection of your car. The ones who avail the three-layer coating on their car get the benefit of 2 years comprehensive warranty of the nano ceramic coating while attaining the benefits of protection against minor scratches, UV radiation, and environmental contaminants. On the flip side, the five-layer coat provides the highest level of protection to the car’s exterior with a four years comprehensive warranty plan. It protects the car’s paint from fading due to sun rays, and fight against the environmental contaminants as well as damages. Both these alternatives are beneficial to maintain the novelty of the car and you can opt for the one that suits your requirements.

  • Rust Protection

    Rust Protection

    The ceramic coating prevents the car’s external body from rusting. The coating is applied with the thick material that protects the car from rust for a long term.

  • Fire Protective

    Fire Protective

    The best element of ceramic coating is that it develops of a network of molecular solutions around the surface of the car which prevent it from catching fire.

  • Scratch Resistant

    Scratch Resistant

    You don’t need to worry about losing the shine of your car’s paint or body, as the ceramic coating act as a shield to protect the body from any kind of scratch.

  • Affordable


    The cost of nano ceramic coating including the application rates are absolutely affordable and do not put a burden on your pocket at all.

  • Doesn’t Wash Off

    Doesn’t Wash Off

    Even if it is a coated material on the car’s body, the layer is thick enough to prevent it from being removed while washing the car. It provides long-lasting car protection.

  • Guaranteed


    We provide the world-class nano ceramic coating material and provide the complete guarantee for the same in safeguarding your car from external damages.

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