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Car Detailing Services in Dubai - Give Your Car the Best Cleaning

It’s time to make the right decision of giving your car that extra care and protection from the external damaging components. We provide the full spectrum of solutions and tools which are specifically aimed at giving your car the all-round protection in terms of maintaining its originality and keep it in the showroom-like position. There are several elements that possess the potential to damage the shine and grace of the car which results in making your car look old. But with the best car detailing services in Dubai, you can maintain the novelty of your vehicle and travel like a king with a car that looks brand new forever. We, at SAFA, have the top-notch solutions for your vehicle and provide the best-in-class services to make your car look elegant.

Car Detailing Services

Why Do You Need Car Detailing Dubai Services?

You never want to travel in a vehicle that has faded paint and dents in different corners of the bumpers. These services sort this concern to make your car brand new. In Dubai, the changing weather conditions and various other external elements steal the original shine of your car due to which your brand-new vehicle also looks so dull and unexciting. You may think that the car’s clear coat protects the paint and body’s shine from external components like heat, but this is just a misconception. You need to give your car a detailed service in which the wax coat is applied at least twice a year to provide complete protection to your car’s exterior. Furthermore, the interior of your vehicle also needs all-time protection from scratches and dust particles. 

Car Detailing Services in Dubai

Different Types 

The car detailing services in Dubai is the absolute requirement because it is the city where your vehicle symbolizes your status in society. Even after buying the luxurious car, if you fail to spend on its care and cleaning, then you may tend to lose your repute among others. Help a lot in giving your car an exquisite look with fabulous finishing and long-lasting treatments. 

We have two different forms of car detailing services to offer you. The one is interior, while the other is exterio. For exterior car cleaning, various techniques are adopted including waxing and polishing in order to get that perfect look. We make sure that the car detailing solutions are applied on the dry surface of the car so that the exceptional quality is maintained accurately. We focus on scratch removal and prevention using the advanced techniques, and extra care is given to the taillights, headlamps, windows, and bumper of the car.

On the flip side, the interior we are provided with the aim to keep the inner furnishing and novelty in place. Under this, the entire car is given a thorough cleaning, which includes washing and polishing the carpets, seat covers, foot mats, and seats to make them look new. The interior process is quite effective and gives long-lasting results to maintain your car’s interior in its original form.

What Does Car Detailing Services Provide?

Nothing can be better than having the same showroom-like look and shine of your car forever. The 3M technology detailing products that we offer provide similar benefits. Once you are done with the application of the car detailing solution, your car regains the original showroom look. From exterior to interior, the entire look of the car is enhanced and beautified to make it exquisite. As authorized of 3M Dubai these products are environment friendly and leave the minimum amount of carbon footprint behind. We ensures up to 99.99% elimination of the germs and bacteria from the car’s interior making it hygienic to sit in for long hours. The glare caused due to the sunlight is reduced to nil due to which your safety is ensured.


Making you fall in love with your car is all what we want. Our car detailing services intend to make your car look lavishing just not from exterior but from interior too.
  • Engine Cleaning

    Engine Cleaning

    It is ensured that the extra dust and other harsh particles are removed from the engine to let it run smoothly and remain durable.

  • Restoring Headlights

    Restoring Headlights

    We make your headlights look new as we thoroughly clean them and remove the oxidation and other particles collected on the headlights.

  • Shiny Windows

    Shiny Windows

    We intend to make your car’s windows shiny, spot-free, and absolutely clear. The car detailing ensures that the swirls, streaks and stains are properly removed.

  • Interior Finishing

    Interior Finishing

    From dashboard, to carpets, steering, door panel, seats and even belts are thoroughly cleaned by the professionals and polished with the smooth material to make them look new.

  • Wheels & Tires

    Wheels & Tires

    The wheels and tires of the car are well-cleaned and polished to give them the brand new shine. Separate liquid is used to deeply clean the cores of the wheels.

  • Exterior Shining

    Exterior Shining

    The car detailing services make sure that the exterior body of your car gets the showroom shine with long durability. A rigorous process is followed to retain back the car’s originality.

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