Di-Noc Film - Revolutionary Combination of Design & Technology

It’s time to renovate your exterior or interior space with elegant easy-to-install and cost-efficient solutions. At SAFA, we provide the top-class 3M Di-Noc films which are self-adhesive and are used primarily for decorating the exterior or interior walls and surfaces in some sophisticated style. If you wish to give a stunning new look to the surface of your building, then the Di-Noc films are absolutely the amazing solutions to use.

We have the best-quality 3M Di-Noc films in exciting designs and patterns to give your interior some stylish appearance. The films are available in different materialistic patterns which include wood, metal, marble, leather, stone and many others. These films are highly flexible and possess hi-tech elements making its application effective and appreciable.

Why Should You Buy Di-Noc Films in Dubai?

Dubai is the city of class, sophistication, and luxury, and decor is an integral part of such sophistication. Almost every commercial or residential premise in Dubai has the luxurious interiors and classy design themes. The decor is the most effective element in showcasing your reputation and the Di-Noc films have a significant role in the same. These classic design films are helpful in redefining the entire theme of your commercial or residential premises with beauty and elegance being the topmost elements. These decorative films are scratch resistant and can be maintained easily with least cost components. The comprehensive warranty plan of the 3M Di-Noc film further make it more proficient for the use in the house or office for decor purposes. Available in varied designs and patterns, these Di-Noc films are very helpful in enhancing the overall elegance of the place with sophistication and high-class. The sheets which are applied on the exterior walls are helpful in keeping the interior of the cool and safe from the external elements.

Application of Di-Noc Films

There isn’t the need of replacing those expensive fixtures and surfaces when the option to refurnish them is available and that too at an efficient cost. The decorative metals, sophisticated stones and luxurious wood designs are available in the Di-Noc films that you can install on the surface to redefine the space in an exquisite style. The ease of installing these films allows it to be applied on variety of surfaces be it flat or curved including the walls, ceilings, panels, or floor surfaces. It is a newly established segment that has been added to the building architectures and is quite helpful in enhancing the decor and providing effective services to the clients. The 3M Di-Noc are quite popular in the architectural market these days because of the grace and elegance that is provided by these film solutions. We, at SAFA, make sure that these sheets are installed are bubble free and applied easily. Instead of using the enhanced natural material, you can install these Di-Noc films on the surface. These are ideal for both construction and remodelling, and the best solution to give your space a new look.

Why Choose Us?

We are one of the oldest window film companies in Dubai providing exclusive and effective window solutions to the clients for commercial and residential purposes. The 3M Di-Noc is one of the most sold solutions that is effectively used to redefine your space with sophistication. Our efficiency is well proved by the projects that we have accomplished in the UAE. Making your premises look beautiful and remain safe is what we aim to provide, and this is the reason behind the ultimate solutions that we offer. The Di-Noc window film is one such tool to help you enhance the decor while ensuring protection in many ways if applied on the exterior. We have the licensed team of installers and film applicants who ensure installing the Di-Noc sheets with utmost care so that you enjoy the real benefit of applying the films in your home or office. Get associated with us to avail the perfect plan suiting your decor and redefine your place in a unique way.

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