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Top 5 Simple Tips to Keep Your Car Cool in Melting Heat

The ultraviolet rays and the intensity of the Dubai’s sun can melt anything into the puddle of hot lava. Especially, your expensive, luxurious motor vehicles have to face the scorching heat of the sun directly. Just park your car outside for a few minutes, and when you sit in your car, then you would feel like getting a personal hot sauna bath. Well, jokes apart!

Everyone needs to start taking some action as the radiating sun of Dubai isn’t going anywhere.  That’s why now you have to take the matter into your hand and have to follow some cool tips to keep your car cool in the scorching heat. Duly note all these tips to keep your vehicle cool folks as they are very easy and straightforward suggestions to implement.

Tip 1. Don’t enter in the car immediately

If your car has been parked under the sun for a more extended period of time, then don’t immediately enter your car. Firstly, because your car will be sizzling hot, and secondly, it takes some time for all the poisonous gasses and carbon dioxide to leave the car. Once you open the door of your car, wait for a minute before entering your vehicle to avoid inhaling any hazardous gas.

Tip 2. Use car window tints

To keep your car cool for about 70% to 90%, you have to use the dark car window tints. The window tints prevent the harmful ultraviolet rays from entering inside the car and keep the temperature of the car’s interior quite low. But, to install the car window tints to your car you need to consider a few things as under -

  • Always tint back and front window glass together as only tinting the front window glass won’t be much effective.
  • A regular window tint can only prevent 30% of the heat, but whereas 3M tints available at SAFA can prevent up to 90% of heat from entering your car.

Tip 3. Overheated car seat and belts

The problem of overheated leather car seats and belts is promptly faced by the car riders when their vehicle is parked outside for long period. So, to keep your leather car seats from overheating, you can use the cotton seat covers. The cotton observes the heat faster as compared to the leather. Plus leather seats take about two hours to cool down at room temperature. So get the cotton seat covers from your nearest store immediately to keep your car cool in the summer.

Tip 4. Keep your windows down

For keeping your car cool while it’s parked outside under the sun, you need to keep your windows down by around six centimeters so that air can easily circulate in the car. This will also protect the plastic components present in your car as a CD player from damage.

Tip 5. Cover your car

When your car has to be parked outside for a longer period of time, then you should use car cover so that you won’t have to suffer from the harsh attack of sandstorms and the blazing flares of the sun.

SAFA is the best and authorised auto-care center where you can find every solution for your car protection. For the professional guidance related to keeping car cool in the summer and get the windows tinting done quickly; you can trust the services offered by the experts of SAFA in Dubai.

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