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Why rental commercial building must have following window tints to increase their business

If you are an owner of your own building, especially if you are the owner of a commercial building where lots of different offices and shops are operating. Then, you must be always looking for different opportunities to enhance the credibility of your building so that people rent more space in your building. However, if you own a commercial building in Dubai, then you have to face some certain challenges daily in your buildings such as strong heat and ultraviolet rays.

So, if you want to offer a comfortable and affordable experience to your clients who are running their offices in your building, you have to offer them commercial window tints protection as well. Yeah, by installing the window things in your building you can enhance the power and rental credibility of your building is very easy.

The commercial window tints installer like SAFA has a wide range of window films for the commercial places. These commercial films can offer your building number of benefits and even grow your rental credibility as well. Here, is the list of all SAFA commercial window films and how can they increase your business.

Building Window Tinting

These are the most common and most demanded window films by the commercial building owners, as the name suggests this window tinting will cover your whole building and protect from the harmful glares of the sun. Under this window tinting service, you can cover all the windows of your building and block the sunlight from entering your building. With the help of these films, your building’s utility bill can cut down by 30% which will definitely improve your profits.

Privacy Films

When all different sorts of business and shops are running in your building, then every person must want a certain level of privacy. So, if you install the privacy window films to block different shops and offices from one another, then this will definitely give a positive message to your clients. They will love to work in your building because they are getting the well-deserved privacy to run their operations. Moreover, privacy window films offer privacy from both the inside and outside of the building and even helps in enhancing the appearance of your building.

Safety & Security Window Films

.Every office and shop requires a certain level of security and safety from the outside intruders. That’s why if you install safety and security window films on your building windows, then it will give the extra level of shielding to the windows glass will make it impossible for intruders to break the glass. This will give the extra level of satisfaction to the people who are working in your building and they will automatically love your building.

Frosted Window Films

If you are looking for window films which can offer the privacy, security, sun control and even helps in enhancing the appearance of your building. Then, you should definitely install the frosted window films in your whole building. Frosted window films can be used to create partition inside the building as well as can be used on the exterior of your building to elevate its beauty. Frosted films are available in numerous different types and styles on the SAFA from where you can pick the perfect tint for your place.

Mirror Effect Films

The window films have a great impact on your brand and business position in the market as they showcase how much do you care about making your work much better and convenient. Window films are very popular because they not only give protection from the harmful ultraviolet rays but also maintain the aesthetic appearance of your place. To modify your building and to add some beautiful shades of color into it, you have to get the mirror affect window films for your building immediately.


As you might have guessed from the name that, blackout window films are a complete solution for your privacy and safety. These window films are manufactured to give the optimum level of darkness so that no one from outside can inside. These types of window films are highly suitable for offices where important documents are kept. So, you see by installing window films on your commercial building you can elevate your business very must. That’s why contact SAFA and get your building tinted today and increase your productivity.

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