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Evolving History of The Ceramic Window Films

If you have recently searched for the best window friends for your home or car, then you must have heard about the ceramic window films. This is a very versatile and innovative product which has been used by window installers these days. So, if you are also fascinated by this amazing product and want to install it in your home, office or car to block some sunlight, then you would like to learn about its history as well. In this post, we will check out the history of ceramic window films briefly

Starting of Ceramic Films

The requirements of these ceramic tiles occur where their quality of blocking the ultraviolet rays is mainly required. It is firstly, used by the astronauts in the space shuttle in the form of ceramic tiles. That’s because when the space shuttle enters the earth’s temperature than the sharp friction is created by the adverse change in the temperature and these ceramic tiles help in preventing from the effect of this friction.

Moreover, ceramic films can block 91% of infrared rays and 99% of the ultraviolet rays. They can even observe the 50% of the heated rays also. Ceramic films have saved numerous astronauts life in the space shuttles where they are exposed to sharp penetrating rays of the sun. Due to these few properties, ceramic window films have been developed and adopted by window film installers.

Why Ceramic Films are Beneficial?

Before the ceramic window films, numerous different metallic substances were used to create the window films. However, the metallic substance used in the window films has numerous downfalls like it won’t allow electronic frequencies of radios and GPS to pass through them. This is a very big problem for commercial places where receiving and transporting frequencies is very important.

This problem of metallic window films is easily eliminated by the ceramic window films as they won’t block electronic frequencies. Moreover, they are transparent in nature which makes them an ideal pick for the retail stores. Apart from being transparent in nature, the ceramic window films block the ultraviolet rays perfectly.

Remarkable Product

Ceramic window film is made with non-conductive ceramic particles. These particles are small enough to prevent glare or haze while still being effective in blocking out infrared light. The transparent nature of the films let the commercial places like shops to use them to block the ultraviolet rays meanwhile giving the perfect inner view to the people. It is truly a remarkable product which can offer the aesthetic appearance and protection to your place without many updos.

Ceramic Window Films on SAFA

If you are looking forward to installing ceramic window films, then you can visit the SAFA. They have high-quality ceramic coating tints ready for you. You can install ceramic coating window tints on your automobiles also from the SAFA.

So, now we know that the ceramic window films are too good and highly useful plus they can be installed on your automobiles and buildings windows to give them ultra protection. That’s why to get your place coated with ceramic films today and block all the unwanted heated rays in a stylish manner.

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