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4 Tips How to Apply Car Polish at Your Vehicle in Dubai

Car polish is an important and necessary tool used to improve the finish of a car. It can be effective in eliminating the appearance of scratches or nicks in the paint by making the surface smoother and fine. It can also be used to remove the oxidation layer that appears on older cars, especially in summers. Here are some methods on how to apply effective car polish.

1 - Use an orbital buffer or hand-polish using a soft cloth

Use an orbital buffer for quick results, but keep in mind that it is more difficult to control the amount of finish that your car polish removes. It can also create unwanted deep scratches if any dirt comes between the buffer pad and the car. 

Use a hand-polish technique for greater control. Applying car polish by hand with a soft cloth takes a longer duration, but gives you greater control over the polishing process. It is less expensive compared to the orbital buffer.

4 Tips How to Apply Car Polish at Your Vehicle in Dubai

2 - Wash your car thoroughly:

If there is any dirt/debris on your car, polishing will grind it into the finish state. Be sure the car is completely dry before you begin the car polishing process. 

3 - Apply the polish to a soft cloth or the orbital buffer pad:

Rub it in a circular motion on the car. Apply more pressure at the surface of the scratch if you are working only on a particular section of your car. Reduce the pressure as you move away from it. In this way, the newly polished area will blend along with the rest of your car. 

Work slowly on a small section at a time if you are polishing your entire vehicle. Use plenty of required polishing paste, and take care to keep your cloth from drying out. 

4 - Continue to buff or rub the area in a circular motion until the polish disappears completely:

Finish working on the targeted area entirely before moving on to the next, so that the polish does not have a chance to dry on your car's finish before you have rubbed or buffed it away.

4 Tips How to Apply Car Polish at Your Vehicle in Dubai


Aspects to keep in mind while polishing your car:

1. Car polishing procedure should be done in a covered area like a garage. Do not polish under a tree, as bird droppings and tree fragments may land on the car. Always try to polish your car into the garage for better and prompt results.  

2. Wear gloves and remove the rings, the belt you are wearing because this can leave a scratch on the surface during the polishing process.  

3. Experts suggest polishing your car must be done only twice in the year. It can be harmful to the coat and can cause swirls in the long run.  

4. Polishing should be done before the wax is applied. Waxing can be done without polishing but polishing cannot be done after waxing your car. It is better to follow an expert or professional’s advice!


Car polishing can be done in two ways that include - by hand and another is by car polishing machine. There is no need to spend abundant money on car polishing. Polishing can be done at your home at your convenience, and your car will look as good as brand new. If you polish a car regularly, you can vastly and quickly improve the lifespan of its exterior. This will provide aesthetic benefits by protecting.

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