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Window Films vs Low-E Glass Windows

Nowadays, the market is buzzing with two different concepts blocking the scorching rays of the sun. The first concept is all time favorite and feasible, window films and the second concept is bit professional and technology-oriented, low – E glass windows. Both, the products have their own positive sides and negative sides, which will be discussed ahead in the post.

However, one thing that every commercial and residential building today must have is a proper system to preserve the energy. Nowadays, saving energy is very vital which can’t be ignored by big skyscraper owners at any cost. That’s because a wrongly designed building without any proper energy efficiency plan can waste around 35% of energy which can be used for another important purpose.

So, the window films and low – E glass windows are the two perfect solutions in front of the building owners to save the energy consumption. Now, let’s see which one is better and more feasible.

Low - e Glass Windows

Okay, so low - e glass windows are the new system and to install it, you have to totally replace your windows glass. A consumer would have to consider the U – factor, the windows overall insulating value; and the solar heat gain coefficient, which measures the ability of the window to deflect solar heat.

Moreover, argon gases are compressed between the glass in these windows which makes then more thermal efficiency than the regular glass windows. This product has further traits to block the ultraviolet rays and the heated rays as well. Low -e glass windows are slightly expensive if you have to cover the whole building with them. However, if you are fine with the cost, then these windows are a nice option.

Window Films

Well, by all means, window films are the most inexpensive and elegant way to block the ultraviolet rays and to provide an aesthetic appearance to your building. Window films are available in wide variety and can be easily installed or removed. The special ceramic window films can offer the extra security feature to the building as well.

Window films are the most simple way to enhance the aesthetic looks and protective features of the building. Moreover, with the help of Sun Control Window Films, the great number of heated rays can be blocked which ultimately results in the low electricity bills. There are plenty of different types of window films available like blackout films, privacy films, safety and security window films, etc.,

Major Difference Between Low -e Glass Windows & Window Films

If we have to draw the fine line difference between both the Sun Control systems, the main differences are;

  • Low -e glass windows are very expensive and can’t be installed by anyone as it needs special training to install them. Whereas, window films are the most inexpensive and durable method to block the ultraviolet rays.
  • To install the low -e glass windows whole frame of the window needs to be replaced. However, window films can be installed on the already framed windows.

So, people indeed low -e glass windows are the new and technology-oriented system. But, still, due to manufacturers like SAFA, window films are the best and affordable solution to protect your whole commercial and residential building from the harmful effects of the sun rays.

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