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Ultimate Battle; Etched Glass vs Decorative Window Films

The utilization of the glass in the new office, as well as residential buildings, has been increasing rapidly. The glass is not only being to enhance the exterior of the building, but it is being used to beautify interiors too. The utilization of glass in the interior and exterior has numerous advantages like for the proper flow of natural light, encouraging collaboration and increasing productivity by removing barriers.

However, the plain glass isn’t sufficient to make your office look unique and stylish among the other offices. So, to give your office or home unique and stylish design you need something more than a plain glass. Well, there are two options available for you enhance the beauty of regular glass; You can use chemicals to etch the surface of glass or can install decorative window films.

So, if you are wondering that which option is more convenient to beautify the glass whether etching or decorative window films, then we a solution for you.

Difference Between Etched Glass & Decorative Window Films

Price. The cost involved in the different process of etching like cutting, sandblasting or texture glass is higher. Moreover, once the decorative glass is placed it can’t be removed and changing the etching design involves extra cost. However, decorative window films cost very less as compared to the etching glass. The cost of labor and material in it is one third to etching. , even more, cost effective to ship the large and heavy glass in this process.

Uniqueness. The designing trends change very easily, one day something else is trending and next totally different design are trending. So, you have to always pick the method which can be easily removed or replaced according to the changing trend. Well, etching the glass is a permanent thing, once it did you can’t reverse it and to change it you might have to spend extra cost. Whereas no such problem occurs with the decorative window films as they can be easily removed or replaced whenever you desire.

Design versatility. If you are wondering that only a limited number of decorative window films design options are available, then you might not have checked the huge range of SAFA films. There you have multiple options for the decorative window films available to pick from. However, customizing decorative glass is a more complexed process. If you are satisfied with the already available patterns and designs, then you are good, but if you weren’t customized design than the only trust the experienced etching artists only.

Best Option between Etching Glass & Decorative Window Films

There is no doubt that decorative window films are the best as they let you customize the glass to quickly and in a cost-effective manner. Plus when you are working with the smooth surface than decorative films are the best option. So, if you are ready to install the decorative window films in the interior and exterior of your office space, then you have to check out the versatility of SAFA decorative window films immediately.

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