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Simple Way to Remove Window Tint Bubbles

If you have installed the window tints on your car, home or office windows to protect yourself from the blazing heat, then that’s a good thing. But, if the tiny little bubbles that emerge on the surface of your window irritates you, then you need to fix them immediately.

Why Bubbles Occur?

Well, for instance, you are seeing the bubbles on your window just after the installation of tints. Then, this is a very normal thing as to install the window tints water is splashed on the surface of the windows. So, it’s very common to see bubbles a few days after the window film implementation.

However, if the bubbles don’t disappear after a few days, then it’s a pure indication of poor installation. It means that before installing the tints, the surface of the window isn’t cleaned properly and dirt particles are still present on the window. In cases, when tinting gets too old or breaks, then also bubbles can emerge on it.

Prevention From Window Tint Bubbles

Okay, so taking precautions is always better than paying for faulty window films installation. To prevent your tints from the bubbles, follow these preventive steps:

High-Quality Product - Always pick the high-quality window tints, in the attraction of low price never settle for the poor quality of filming products.
Hire Professional - Trust professional installers for the window tinting work like SAFA where highly skilled professionals adhere your tints.
Clean Properly - The one of the best precautionary steps to prevent bubbles would be through cleaning of the surface of windows before installation of tints. Not a single particle dirt should be present on the surface of windows. 

How to Fix Window Tint Bubbles?

To be honest, when you see the bubbles on your window tints, then immediately visit your installer and have your tints removed professionally. Moreover, if your installer offers you guarantee, then you might get new tints for free.  But, if due to some reasons you can’t visit your installer, then you can use the following quick fix tips;

  • Warm the surface of your window; park your car under the sun or to warm your home windows you can use a hairdryer.
  • With the help of a sharp needle poke hole in the bubbles. But, make sure that hole has to be very little and won’t affect the rest of the filming.
  • When your window is warm use your credit card to slowly edge the bubbles towards the end. You need to be attentive while using the card as a little harsh scratch can tarnish your whole window tint.
  • Dry the car's window using a lint-free fabric, and check for any other damage or bubbles.

Removing the bubbles from window tints is not a difficult job, it can easily be done at home. But, always make sure that your window tint installer has right tools so that this problem doesn’t ever occur. Like SAFA has all the essential tools and skilled professionals who will make sure that you never have to see irritating bubbles on your windows. So, when you think about getting high-quality window films, then immediately call or visit SAFA.

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