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Quick Tips to Maintain Your Residential Window Films

Window films are the best way to protect your home from the sunlight while enhancing its appearance. So, when you install window tints on your home windows, then you indeed want your investment to pay you its full worth. Whereas cheap films can lose their charm in less than a year, however, SAFA Residential window films won’t fade or crack easily if they are maintained properly.

If you want your SAFA residential window films to stay strong and beautiful for years, then you don’t have to do much. Just opt these tips and nothing will happen to your window tints for years.

#Tip 1. Quickly after installation

Just after the installation of tints, there might be some excess moisture left trapped under the films. The film maybe turns out bit foggy, don’t get worried as this a common problem. It happens during the curing process and might last for 30 days. Over that time, don’t try to pop the bubbles as it will destroy the film, just be little patience and it will soon disappear.

#Tip 2. When to clean film

You should wait up to 30 days before cleaning your window tints. Any cleaning before 30 days on the newly installed tints can break down the adhesive bonding of the films with the glass.

#Tip 3. Best time to clean

The best time to clean window films would be morning or evening, never clean your tints during the daytime. The level of the heat is very high in the daytime and it can cause damage to the films.

#Tip 4. Be gentle

Don’t clean your films with the rough or rust brush and never use force on them. Just use soft fabric to clean your tints and don’t put too much pressure on the films as this could loosen the grip of film on the windows.

#Tip 5. Cleaning tools

Use soft clothes or synthetic sponges to loosen any spots than wipe with the rubber squeegee to remove the excess cleaning fluid. Never use harsh or bristles brushes to clear the window films as this will scratch the film pretty badly.

#Tip 6. Cleaning products

To clean the films use cleaning products like foams, dishwashing soap, and water. Never use any product with the ammonia, alcohol or vinegar or any other chemical to clean the tints as this might damage the film or adverse scratch it.

#Tip 7. Around the edges

When you are cleaning window films around the edges or the joints, be extra careful. If the edge is lifted off the window, then the film will start to break and it will easily get peeled off the windows.

#Tip 8. Too much cleaning

Use a different cloth to clean the excess water from the window tints. If the water is left on the tint, then it will start to harm the adhesive of the film.

With the careful maintenance and the warranty of the SAFA residential window tints, you can keep your window films healthy for years. Just be little careful and your films will never fade or crack.

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