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How will Window Tinting Help You Go Green?

These days, global warming is showing its negative impacts on a full scale. The heated rays of the sun have turned into the deadly ultraviolet rays due to the adverse effects of the ozone layer depletion. All these dramatic changes in the environment have encouraged people to think carefully and adopt environment-friendly technologies. Window tinting is one of the coolest eco-friendly technology which has been proving out boon for the people of hot regions such as Dubai.

The window films have been helping out in saving the ecosystem in various different ways. These films can be very useful to save the environment for your successors.

Window Films Curbs the Effects of Greenhouse Gases

Greenhouse gases are the cocktail of vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and ozone which have been working as the warm blanket of the earth and keeping it warm. This effect is collectively known as the greenhouse effect. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has increased by nearly 40% since pre-industrial times – the current level is higher than it’s been in the last 800,000 years.

Window films here can be very useful in retaining down the impact of these vicious gases. Window tints help in reducing the heat in the summers by observing the heated and ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun. On the other hand, window films retain the heat inside on the dark winter days which eventually reduces the utilization of energy and results in less emission of greenhouse gases.

The window films can help in reducing greenhouse gases emission in the following ways;

  • The less electricity will be consumed by people in summer to keep their home cool and warm in the winters
  • When the less energy is required, then the fewer fossil fuels will be burnt
  • The carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases will be less emitted to the environment

Electricity is the Main Culprit

If we are looking for the biggest culprit of global warming, then the vicious cycle will lead you to the electricity. The consumption of electricity has drastically increased in the world because of the utilization of cooling and heating equipment. These equipment has increased the electricity utilization plus they emit greenhouse gases as well.

So, when the window films reduce the consumption of electricity during the summers and winters by maintaining the heat level, then the less electricity will be required by people. This eventually results in the less exploitation of natural resources and less emission of greenhouse gases.

Window Films will Save You

So, people if you live in Dubai, then you have to constantly blast your air conditioner to protect yourself from the scorching heat. This means you are constantly increasing in global warming, now you can reduce your share of carbon emission. Just by installing the window tints on your commercial and residential buildings from the SAFA, you can reduce your carbon share by 33%.

SAFA window films can reduce the impact of heated rays from raising the temperature of your place and this way you will eventually cut down your electricity consumption. So, people let’s go green with the window films.

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