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How to Select the Perfect Window Tints Shade for Your Home?

If you are planning to install the window films on your home windows, then apart from considering the amount of light that tints let in. You have to consider numerous technical aspects as well like the room temperature, glare percentage, privacy ratio, etc., At SAFA, they consider all the vital facts before installing the window films in your home.

The selection of the window tints generally depends on the four main factors. Our experts at SAFA provides the perfect solution to their clients after considering all the factors mentioned below;

Level of privacy

If you want to improve the privacy of your bedroom or living room, then it is recommended to use the lower tint percentage. It is because window tints with the low percentage like below 20% are generally darker and thus they let very less light pass through it. So, if you have included lots of windows in your home to bask in the natural light, then getting window films with lower percentage will let the light in while maintaining privacy.

High level of privacy window films is also very useful for places like bathrooms or entryways. That’s because in these areas we generally want 100% privacy.

Level of Visibility

Well, if you have a great view from your living room window and want to enjoy it without the interference of heated rays. Then, you can install the sun control window films on your windows. From the SAFA Sun control series, you can get plenty of different tint options to pick from. The experts can install the window films which let you experience the outer view without any intervention of the sun rays. This is a perfect solution for the beach houses.

Level of glare

If the sun glares are directly falling on your television or computer screen, then you must have to get the sun control window films. These films help in reducing the glares caused by the natural light, but still, let sufficient amount of natural light let in. It doesn’t affect your exterior view. So, enjoy your work and entertainment without any interference of the strong glares of the sun.

Level of heat

Well, living in the heated temperature of Dubai is a very hard job, moreover, the sun here is constantly throwing daggers. Here, window films can do two functions for you, first, they will block the heated rays of the sun from increasing the temperature of your interior. Secondly, films trap the cool air conditioner temperature inside and won’t let it warm easily. So, this way you can keep your interior cool and cozy in the high temperature of the place like Dubai.

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