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How Hotels Are Improving Their Efficiency With The Help of Window Films

The hotel business is a very competitive and full of ups and downs. Every hotel owner needs to constantly work on the different methods to improve the efficiency of their business. So, today we are going to disclose the best method to improve the efficiency of your hotel with the help of window films.

Yep, window tinting your hotel can be highly energy efficient for your business. The hotels have numerous rooms and other areas which are constantly consuming energy and increasing the utility bills of the hotels. However, if you install the window tints, then the energy cost can be reduced dramatically.

Window films save energy cost

Okay, so if the sun control and heat control window films are installed in the hotels, then this will reduce the heat by 25%. It means the interior of the hotel will be 25% less warm, then the exterior. And, this eventually affects the utility bills and can reduce the electricity bill of the hotel by 5%.

Moreover, if the natural sunlight enters the threshold of the hotel minus the harmful ultraviolet rays and heated rays. Then, it will automatically lift the ambiance of the hotel and no need to light bulbs in the hotel during the daylight. That’s because natural light will give the fresh and vibrant look automatically.

Hotels should use following window films

So, yeah films can be very useful for the hotel business and can help hoteliers to reduce their energy cost too great extent. There are plenty of different window tints options available for the hotels. However, according to SAFA experts, every hotel must have following window films for sure:

Decorative Window Films

  • Hotels can use the decorative window films as the source of promotion by etching the logo or brand of the hotel on the films.
  • Enables attractive options for shower doors, bathroom windows, and kitchen cabinets.
  • Using these films optimum level of privacy can be offered to the hotel employees and guests.
  • Etching can be done to enhance the exterior and interior of the hotel.

Sun Control Window Films

  • These films block 99% of ultraviolet rays and strong heated rays of the sun.
  • They let the fresh sunlight inside the hotel's rooms but won’t let heated rays enter the rooms.
  • Sun films can save the energy cost.
  • They help in maintaining the temperature inside the hotel lobby and rooms.
  • These films are designed to keep the environment of the hotel cool by reducing the harmful ultraviolet rays.
  • The expensive interior of the hotel like carpets, furniture, and other accessories can be protected by the ultraviolet rays.

SAFA Window tinting services

There is a good news for all the hoteliers of Dubai area, you guys can tint proof your hotel using the great expertise of the SAFA professionals. They will offer you the best possible solution for tinting your whole hotel in the affordable rates. To pick the best window films for your hotel check out the SAFA services today.

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