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How Can Window Tints Protect Your Pets?

Do you have a pet? If yes, then your pet will be like a family member to you. You must wait all day to go back home and cuddle with your pet. So, staying a few days away from your lovely pet isn’t an option for you, that’s why you always bring your pet on the family trips. But, do you know that long car trips in the scorching heat can be deadly for your pet. Yep, when you park a car for few minutes under the sun and leave your pet inside it, then the stream heat can bake your pet death. Not, even the little crack in the car windows for the air ventilation can save your pet. If you truly want to make the trip harmless for your pet, then you have to install the window tints on your car windows.

How will heat harm your pet?

Well, if you are thinking that blasting air conditioner in your car will be enough to cool down your pet, then that’s correct, but have you ever wondered what will happen to your pet when you park the car. Suppose, if you have parked your car for 15 minutes to refuel it and use the restroom. In that 15 minutes, your car’s temperature can rise by 20 degrees which is like million degrees for pets.

Pets are more vulnerable to a high temperature such as dogs cools them by panting and sweating. So, when in the parked car level of carbon dioxide increases, then it will become hard for your pet to breath and they might faint due to excessive heat. However, if your car has window tints, then no such problem will ever harm your pets as tints can observe the heated rays and won’t let them raise the temperature of your car.

Moving car isn’t save for pet also!

Well, if you are thinking that you can drive long hours in the deserted roads of Dubai by blasting the air conditioner and nothing will harm your pet. Then, you are totally wrong, just like humans, UV rays are harmful to the animals as well. UV rays can cause numerous problems to dogs like cataracts, pannus, and other eye diseases. Moreover, the animals with the light fur can experience the sun burns also. Not, even the fur of the dogs and cats can protect them from the UV rays.

Here, only window tints can prevent your pets from the attack of the UV rays as tints can block 99% of the ultraviolet rays. So, if you truly want to keep your pet's skin and eyes safe from the deadly impact of the sun, then you gotta install window tints on your car windows today.

If you are looking for the perfect window tints for your car that can safeguard your pet and yourself, then swing by the SAFA. SAFA got the wide range of window tints that can block all the harmful rays of the sun in the most effective way. So, if you consider your pet as your family member, then you have to install SAFA car window tints for your pet.

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