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Facts to Consider Before Car Tinting in Dubai

So people, if you have already bought new sunglasses and a bottle of sunscreen lotion to protect your skin from the harsh impact of the summer sun, then, we would say you are one smart fella. But dear, just like your body, your car's body is also going to face the harsh attack of the sun. So, in your summer shopping list don’t forget to include the car tinting as well.

However, before rushing out and getting your car windows tinted, make sure that you have full knowledge of the car tinting. There is a limited percentage of tinting allowed in the UAE. And, if you go beyond that limit, then severe consequences are waiting up for you.

So, let’s just study some interesting facts about the car tinting in Dubai;

1. Maximum Level of Tinting 

- According to the traffic rules of Dubai, the maximum level of tinting allowed earlier was 30% visual light transmission. But, Dubai’s traffic federation has increased the maximum level of tinting up to 50% now. This is a significant relief for the car owners as this will make their car cooler in the summer season.

There is one rule in the law which only allows the side and rear windows of your car to be tinted. Whereas, the front window has to be in its transparent form. If any motorists fail to follow this rule, then he or she has to pay fine of AED 500, or they might confiscate your vehicle for 30 days.

2. Car Tinting Rule Exemptions 

- Well, we all are aware of the strict rules of Dubai. In Dubai, they take rules pretty seriously, so anyhow there are few exemptions are offered by the country in the car tinting rules. Foremost, if you are wondering law will give special treatment to the women drivers, then answer is “no.” Under the tinting law, male and female both are treated equally.

However, if you have got any medical condition like eye problem or skin disease due to which it is extremely impossible for you to stay under the sun’s heat, then you may apply for the special approval from the Dubai Police or the Roads & Transport Authority. In some rare cases, validation from a licensed medical practitioner is also required.

3. Block UV Rays 

Rays - As per the model of your car, the tinting can help in blocking the heat from the sun. In fact, the best car tinting services offered by SAFA can prevent 99.9% of UV rays and 97% of infrared rays from entering into your car. Even if your car is parked outside under the sun for several hours, the tints reduce a certain percentage of heat coming into your vehicle. Car tinting further keeps the temperature of your vehicle comfortable when you get back in.

Guys, car tinting makes sure that your vehicle stays cool, even if the outside temperature is around 50 degree Celsius. However, it’s your responsibility to make the windows tinting not too dark that it starts affecting your visibility. SAFA specifically makes sure that the car tinting rule is being followed carefully while keeping the temperature of your vehicle down. 

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