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Different Types of Home Window Tinting for Sun Control

If you are looking to improve the climatic condition in your house or want to enhance the appearance and privacy of your residence, then home window tinting is what you need to get. This thin layer of film which is similar to the car window films is applied on the windows of your house to provide various benefits, the major of which is sun control.

The extreme heat and light during the summers in Dubai are very hectic and make your home quite inconvenient to live in. The sun control film for home windows block the sun rays outside the glass of the window and do not allow them to reach the interior. This way, the heat and harmful UV rays do not get the chance to exploit the inner environment of your house. Henceforth, the house remains cool and safe from the sun’s components. If you are aware of the sun control window films and know the usage of the same for your home then this article is quite helpful for you. Here we have listed down the best home window tinting films for sun control. Get to know about them and buy the one which suits you the most!

1.Reflective - This is one of the most common sun control window films used in the residential premises for the purpose of preventing the interior from sun’s damage and also to provide a greater level of privacy. Once applied, these films do not allow the interior vision of the house from outside and you can enjoy complete privacy. On the flip side, being a sub-category of the sun control film, this window tint helps you get rid of the external sun rays and heat. As the rays are kept blocked outside, the interior furnishing remains safe and the heat components also do not reach inside ensuring a cool environment inside the home.

2.Night Vision - The window tinting films for residential premises have to be very adequate in providing various benefits at the same time. The night vision window film is a great example of the same. The sun control window films provide daytime privacy, but only night vision film has the capacity to ensure privacy at night as well. Once you apply these films on the windows, you do not get the benefit of zero vision during days from but also during nights. Apart from that, these films are the best in terms of maintaining a cool environment in the interior of the house. These films also do not allow heat to transmit and the UV rays are also kept blocked ensuring the safety of the assets in the house.

3. Prestige - If enhancing decor is your aim of installing the sun control window films, then the prestige films are absolutely for you. These beautiful home window tinting solutions are designed and created with beautiful patterns and colours to complement the home interior and exterior decor of the house. The prestige window films also have all the elements of providing sun protection to the house’s interior and assets. This way, you achieve dual benefits of sun control and decor by installing these wonderful film tints.

4. Safety & Security - Ensuring security in the house is everyone’s concern and so is yours. But how to attain that? The safety and security window films can help. The sun control window film at SAFA has the category of safety & security window films for the residential usage which not only protects the home interior from sun’s harmful rays and excessive heat but also assists in ensuring security against burglars or accidents. These films make sure that the glass particles do not fly in the air broken due to external forces and hence provide life and asset property great protection from damages.

These amazing home window tinting films for the residential usage offered by SAFA have a variety of benefits for you. You can opt for the one that is more desirable and maintain a comfortable environment in your house always. Get the best consultation from SAFA, call us right away.

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