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Common Misconceptions about the Window Tints that We Believe In

Well, if you are tired of the scorching heat of Dubai’s sun and planning to finally install the window tints on your car and home windows; but, somewhere you have some concerns regarding the performance and efficiency of the window tints which are stopping you from installing the cooling window films on your Windows, then we have some pointers that might help you in clearing your mind.

So, people, there are few very common misconceptions regarding the window tints that you have been leading to, that’s why read these misconceptions very carefully and don’t believe in them anymore.

Misconception 1. You can install window films on your own.

Okay, people to be totally clear, you can’t install window tints on your own. This might seem like they are just been pasted on the glass window, but in reality, plenty of work and technique is involved in it. First window films are cut, adjusted and then using the special water jet method it pasted on the glass. Moreover, for the cars and buildings, different methods are followed.

So, you can’t install window films on your own, you need the help of experts like SAFA to install the films for you.

Misconception 2. The only function of window films is to keep the interior of your car or home cool.

  • No, people window tinting not only helps in keeping the inside of your car or home cool. The tinting can be beneficial for you in plenty of ways;
  • Films can protect the 99% of UV rays from coming inside your home and harming you.
  • They help in increasing the security, safety, and privacy of your home.
  • They offer a stylish and sleek look to your vehicles and buildings.

Misconception 3. Tinting your car windows is illegal in Dubai.

People traffic rules in Dubai are pretty hard and fast, but the traffic police of Dubai understand that the sun throws some pretty hard rays on the car drivers. Thus they need some extra protection against it, so tinting the car windows is totally legal in Dubai. In Dubai, you can tint your car windows up to 50% darker excluding the rear view mirror. The dark window tints can prevent your car from heating up and it saves the expensive leather car seats and plastic parts of your car from getting harmed.

Misconception 4. All window tints and window tints installing companies are same

Big fat no. The best material in the world won't make up for a poor installation by an inexperienced installer. However, a seasoned installer can do a pretty decent job using poor quality film and you won't notice the difference right away. But, the poor quality window tints will soon crack or won’t able to block the sharp penetrating rays of the sun.

For the high-quality window films that can protect you from the scorching heat and can offer you plenty of other benefits, you need to trust the SAFA only. With the competent team and best materials tints, they offer you the best experience. So, stop believing all the misconceptions and enjoy all the benefits of SAFA window films today.

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