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Let’s Elevate Your Commercial Building Outlook Using Mirror Effect Window Films

Window films have a great impact on the branding and appearance of your commercial building. So, if you are looking for stunning window films for your commercial place which can give the unique and stylish appearance to your business, then you can try Mirror Effect Window Films.

Dubai is an emerging hub of commercial buildings like shops, malls, etc. So, if you want to stand out your business among the other cool business places, then you need to install the new mirror effect window films. The mirror effect window films give the aesthetic appearance with plenty of other benefits like sunlight protection, security and what not.

What Makes Mirror Effect Window Films Special?

The unique quality of the mirror effect window tints which allows people from inside to look outside, but it doesn’t allow outsiders to transparencies your privacy. The mirror effect films reflect dual effect, as one side of the film is a mirror and another side is a transparent sheet which allows you to keep inside private from the prying eyes.

These types of window films are very useful for places like a cafe or retail shop as people might like something there and visit it. However, the stylish appearance factor of the mirror effect films is very vital which makes these tints highly suitable for the commercial buildings.

How Will Mirror Effect Films Works?

The primary concept of the one-way mirror effect window films is that it imparts an illusion that on the one side of the window there is a reflective mirror, while the other side has a transparent glass which allows you to see through. Well, if this made you think that how’s that even possible, then my friend this is a very technical concept and based on the two main factors; manufacturing smartness and lighting factor.

Manufacturing Smartness - During the manufacturing process, the one side of the mirror is coated with the metallic layer of aluminum or silver. However, in these films, only half molecules of the metal are taken whereas in the regular mirror complete metal molecules are used. So, that partial light can pass through the mirror.

Lighting Factor - Under the lighting process, both the mirror areas are installed at different color intensity like one side of the mirror are kept darker whereas one light. So, when the person sees through the darker side, he would be able to see outside through the transparent glass of the window. on the other side, view from the light side will reflect your own reflection to you only.

Mirror Effect Window Films at SAFA

The installation process of the mirror effect window films involves lots of technicality and experience as one wrong step and everything will go into vain. So, to install the highly effective and stylish mirror effect window films in Dubai, you have to trust the expertise of SAFA only. They got great experience and installation techniques that will help in putting stylish mirror effect films on your commercial building.

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