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Can Window Tint Reduce Heat Inside Your Car?

If you have this question in your mind as well as the rest of the vehicle owners, then the answer is a big fat yes. Window tinting can indeed help in reducing the temperature of your car from inside. It helps in not just keeping other people from looking inside your car, but it can prevent harmful sun rays from looking into your car as well.

The thin piece of window film can help in managing the temperature level inside the car. However, there are plenty of other scientific and logic reasons about how window tints can keep your car cool from inside present.

Window Tints Keeps Heat Away

Window tints work as the barrier between the sun and your car. Tints are made up from the polyester, whereas some tints have a thin coating of colored dye or metal on them. SAFA has all the different types of layered films available which can protect the inside of your car from getting heated.

To test the efficiency of window tints you can check it’s light transmission ratings. VLT% refers to the term which determines how much light is transmitted through the tint. VLA% indicates how much light is absorbed by the tint. VLR% shows you how much light is reflected back from the surface.

The efficiency of Window Tints Reducing Heat Inside Your Car

However, light transmission ratings indicate the amount of light that will be blocked by tints. But, it doesn’t show the cooling concept. Luckily, a number of studies have been conducted to answer this question. All the studies seem to suggest that window tints work little less than the sunshades.

Oh, no you are getting all wrong here guys; window tinting does work less compared to sunshades, but it’s because people won’t pay much attention while installing the tints. They usually install any film available in the market, now people any film can’t block the sharp sun-rays. The effective window tinting has the following traits;

  1. Tints must be of high quality with the ability to block infrared rays.
  2. Use darker tints on the windows of your car as according to new Dubai traffic rules, you can use 50% darker films.

These are just two very basic traits of the window films to reduce the level of heat inside your car. However, if you are looking for the complete package to protect your car from the heated rays of the sun, then you can check out a whole range of automobiles tints on SAFA. With the best window tints, here you will get full assistance on different types tints and which one will be more useful for you.

Protecting Heat Can Save Your Car From Number of Dangerous

If you have installed tints on your car windows, then apart from reducing the temperature inside your car they can offer you numerous other benefits as well, like;

  • It protects your skin from heat
  • It  protects your leather car seats from breaking
  • It protects plastic components of your car

So, to get the cool and cozy environment in your car immediately install the window tints.

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