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A Decorative Window Film With The Features of Privacy & Safety; Fasara Window Films

Okay, so people, if you have been looking for the window films that can offer you ebonic safety and privacy from the intruders. However, meanwhile giving the stylish appearance and design to your windows, then your search will only complete if you install the SAFA Fasara window films.

Yep, FASARA window tints are the perfect films for the people who adore their privacy and wants the optimum level of security in their home but don’t want to comprise with the look of their interior or exterior. For these complexed people, very simple solution in the form of Fasara window films available. These tints are made of the thin layer of polyester with the decorative matte surface in order to provide the best level of privacy, decoration and architectural applications.

Features of Fasara Window Films

Well, if you are not sure about the features and quality of Fasara films and want to fully understand these films before buying them. Then, we will say you are a smart fella and you definitely should check out the prominent features of these films. So, the highlighted features of Fasara films are;

Aesthetic Design

The most important feature of Fasara films is that they are one of the best decorative window films. There are plenty of different decor based window films available in the market. But, the versatility and finish offered by Fasara are far better than any other films.

Highly Flexible

Fasara window films are highly flexible as you can easily adjust the level of privacy with them. Like, if you want complete privacy in your home or office, then you can increase the level of frost in your films. However, if you are looking for partial privacy, then you can adjust the frost in your window films accordingly. Moreover, installing and removing the FASARA window films far easier and affordable than crafting your window glass.

Easy to Install

It might look from the appearance that it requires lots of time to install Fasara window films. But, in reality, you can install them on your windows in one day only. Yep, if you have hired the experienced contractor to install window films, then this won’t take much time to install them.


Fasara films are very affordable as compared to the other decorative solutions. If you go for window etching or curtains, then you might have to spend hundreds of bucks on them. Whereas, Fasara films can be installed for a mere couple of bucks.

Optimum Level of Safety

These films are designed from the polyester material which is very durable and strong. So, if anyone tries to break into your office or home by breaking the glass of the window, then the strong Fasara films makes it neck to an impossible job. The film gives the extra protective coating to the glass.

Applicable Everywhere

You can install Fasara window films anywhere in your home or office to enhance the level of security, safety, privacy, and decoration. Mainly, these films can be used in; Conference rooms, Lobbies, Retail environments, Residential settings, Private offices, Exterior windows, Partitions, and Verandas.

Well, if you are now ready to install Fasara window films to amplify the dosage of privacy and safety while maintaining the proper decor, then immediately contact SAFA. Why? Just because they are the best 3M window films providers of Dubai.

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