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4 Immediate Signs of Bad Window Tinting

If you are planning to install window films at your home or office to protect yourself from the scorching ultraviolet rays of the sun. Then, this is a very good decision because one window film can offer you multiple benefits. One film can protect, safeguard, prevent, decorate your place in the most significant manner that anyone can wish for.

However, all the window films are not that great because some are cheap and some are not installed properly by your manufacturer. So, these kinds of window films look sloppy and don’t even block the accurate amount of the sunlight and harmful UV Rays. That’s why always identify the bad signs of window tinting when you see them. If you find any of these four signs in your window films, then immediately understand that your window tinting isn’t done properly.

1. Bubbles

One of the most common bad sign of the bad window tinting is the appearance of bubbles between the surface of the glass and the window film. Generally, air bubbles take some time to reduce after the initial installation of the window films. The bubbles mainly disappear after few days of the window films installation. However, if the bubbles from your films won’t disappear after the period of a month, then it is a clear indication of bad window films. So, if you still have bubbles on your window films after a month of installation, then immediately contact your manufacturer.

2. Peeling

If your window films start to peel off from the edges after the installation of a few days, then this is a very big sign of the bad window tinting. There are plenty of different reasons behind the peeling of the films like too much heat or hard rubbing can peel the film. But, mostly this problem occurs because window films are not installed properly.

3. Dirt

If you are seeing the small dirt particles or water stains on your windows glass, then this means that your window film installer hasn’t properly cleaned your windows surface before applying the tint. To rectify this problem, your window films need to be throughout peeled and then after cleaning the glass properly, it should be done again. That’s why always make sure that your manufacturer has properly cleaned the glass before applying the window tint or not.

4. Discolored

Sometimes when cheap material is used in the formation of window films, then after receiving the strong ultraviolet rays, the color of the window film dulls. This is the biggest indication that your manufacturer has cheated you and has given you the cheap window tints.

The Best Window Films

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