3M Automotive Color Stable Window Tint

<h2>3M CS Series Window Tint - Ultimate Car Protection</h2> The breakthrough in automotive films brings you 3M Color Stable (CS) series window tints. It is the best window film to provide solutions for your needs in the UAE. It gives your car a comfort zone with a sophisticated heat protection shield along with a warranty of the 3M films. It keeps your car cool and comfortable to ride. SAFA is the authorized auto-care center in Dubai providing CS series window tints to make your car perfect for long-hours travel. Our 3M Color Stable (CS) series ensures the protection of your vehicle for a long-term and makes your ride easy and more comfortable at most affordable prices.

3M Color Stable Window Tint-cs-5

The 3M color stable 5 series films provide the incredible look and reject up to 57% heat that comes from the hot sun rays during the summers in Dubai. It provides up to 70% protection from the UV rays and protects you against the ill-effects of the UV rays that you may have on your health.

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3M Color Stable Window Tint-cs-20

These color stable tints are stylish and comfortable and reject up to 70% of the high solar heat which penetrates the interior through the windows making the interior of the car cool and comfortable to travel for long hours. It significantly reduces the glare of the blinding sunlight and makes driving more comfortable.

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3M Color Stable Window Tint-cs-35

This is the most advanced and high-level window tint technology that restricts up to 99% of the UV rays and blocks greater degree of sun&acirc;&euro;&trade;s heat outside the windows, so your car&acirc;&euro;&trade;s interiors are kept cool and comfortable for long-hour travels. These are relatively dark colored window covers to protect you from the glaring sun rays so that you enjoy traveling even during hot summer days.

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