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Let’s Summer-Proof Your Home in a Few Easy Steps

Let’s Summer-Proof Your Home in a Few Easy Steps

When the level of the temperature rises outside, then it’s effect can be felt inside your home as well. Especially, when your home is located in Dubai where the level of temperature is always high, you need a bulletproof plan to summer-proof your home. There are plenty of different options available to protect your home from the scorching heat of the summer. Out of them, the sure short ways to cool down your home this summer season are as under;

Adopt Window Tinting

To cool your home from inside and to prevent your home from the humid weather, you need to ditch the regular cloth curtains and adopt the windows tinting. The window tints block the 70% to 90% of light and keep the inner temperature of your home low as compared to the exterior. There are numerous different types of window tinting options which are offered by SAFA with the following features -
  • 3M control windows tinting provides ultra security from the scorching heat.
  • By allowing 40% to 70% of natural light into the residential premises, the prestige films offer beautiful windows to home decor.
  • There are special blackout filming options available which provide the high level of privacy and blockage from the sunlight.

Avoid Extra Heat

In the interiors of your home, avoid the utilization of appliances that can emit extra heat. Such as instead of using those incandescent bulbs in your home, use the LED bulbs as they don’t produce carbon that is bad for the environment. Plus, switching to LED bulbs can save the energy and keep the environment of your home cooler.

Thermal Insulation

You need to make sure that your doors and windows are properly sealed from the entrance of heat. For this, thermal insulation is a perfect solution as in this process advanced technology is used to reduce the passage of heat. The professional experts can implement this process with the help of the advanced technology-oriented tools.

Some General Tips to Summer-Proof Your Home

Well, apart from using the activities mentioned above, you can use the following few tips to summer-proof your home;

  • If it fits your budget then always keep your air conditioning switched on while you are out so that there’s constant ventilation of air in your home.
  • It will help if you install the home automation system so that you can adjust the water temperature, air conditioner and other appliances of your when you are not home.
  • If you are leaving your house alone for a more extended period, then ask someone close to you to drop once in a while and circulate the fresh air in your home.
The foremost step that you can take to summer-proof your home is to get the windows tinting done immediately and for this always trust the services of Safa only. We have extensive range of window films suiting your budget and decor to help you get the absolute protection against heat and sunlight.

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