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3M Car Window Tint Solutions - Sun Control Films in Dubai

SAFA is one of the best car window tinting service providers in Dubai with an overall experience of more than 10 years in the industry. We are aimed at delivering just not the tinting films for cars in Dubai, but fulfill your entire sun protection requirements when you are sitting and traveling in your car. Our exclusive range of sun control window films for cars have the exquisite elements of preventing heat and sunlight from entering the car’s interior in order to ensure a cool and comfortable environment inside even if it is extremely hot outside. Dubai has the most unfavorable weather conditions many a time especially during summers where the temperature rises higher than 50 degree Celsius. In such a condition, the intense heat does not allow the air conditioning units to work properly in the cars and the environment inside suffers a lot. This is the reason the window tinting films are the must to install on the car’s windows.

3M car window Tinting

SAFA has been serving the need of delivering the best range of 3M tinting film in Dubai and being an authorized auto-care center in Dubai, we are the most reliable name for the installation of sun control window films. By providing you with the best combination of style, performance and protection, the 3M window film is the complete sun protection shield for your car that you must not miss buying.

Car Tinting Services Dubai - Sun Control Window Tinting

The sun control window films offer more than just assumptions. There are a variety of benefits that you can attain by installing the sun control window tinting in your car. The major benefit that arises out of installing the window tinting films is that it helps in reducing fuel consumption. By maintaining a cooler environment, the energy required by the air conditioners is reduced in the car which further helps in limiting the fuel consumption. Moreover, you enjoy a cool stay in your car even in the hot sunny day in Dubai while traveling for long hours. Another major benefit of the sun control window films in the car is that you enjoy a clear and safe vision outside without getting interrupted by the sun’s glare. While driving, it becomes quite difficult when we are heading towards the direction of the sun as the sun’s rays interrupt our vision and we sometimes lose the concentration required for driving. The window films ensure a clear and glare-free vision where you enjoy clear visibility outside the car with zero interruptions.

Designed with a comprehensive warranty plan, the 3M window tint films are completely cost-effective and provide warranty and guarantee of the window tinting solutions. By protecting the interior of the car from UV rays, the sun control films also ensure that the furnishings in the car are protected against fading and damage that may be caused due to the UV rays. This is also helpful for the people sitting inside as the UV rays are harmful to the skin and eyes as well.

Why Choose SAFA for Car Window Tinting Films in Dubai?

Being the authorized 3M auto-care center in Dubai, we are aimed at delivering the top-class window tinting services in Dubai with complete car protection at affordable rates. We are serving the Dubai market for more than 10 years, and are aware of the weather conditions which have a direct impact on the car’s interior and exterior body. With in-depth research and analysis of the various solutions in the market, the 3M window tint films in Dubai have been opted for by our team. They have everything desired to keep a car in its showroom conditions. The window films are not only exclusive and exquisite in the looks, but also beneficial in various ways for the car’s interior.

We have been delivering the top-notch window tinting services in Dubai with our team of licensed professionals having the expertise of installing the films in the best way. We also deliver the customized solutions to the clients and our team thoroughly analyze the requirements of the customers in order to design the plans and execute the same for fulfilling the exact demands. We convert your car’s windows into protective shields which safeguard the interior of the car and maintains a cool and safe environment. If you want to get the best deals of window tinting films in Dubai, SAFA is the only name that can deliver the top-class 3M window films and protect your car from external damaging components.

  • Heat Protection

    Heat Protection

    The sun control films block the sun’s heat outside the car’s window and protect the interior of the car from excessive heat to maintain a cool environment inside.

  • UV Rays Reduction

    UV Rays Reduction

    The sun control window tints prevent the UV rays from entering the car’s interior and safeguard the interior environment from the damaging UV radiation.

  • Reduce Glare

    Reduce Glare

    The sun control films help reduce the glare in the car and provide clear vision so that the driver can focus on driving instead of getting interrupted by the sunlight.

  • Warranty


    The 3M window films come with the cover of warranty plan providing ensured sun control and protection to the car.

  • Exquisite Looks

    Exquisite Looks

    The sun control films have ultimate finishing and smooth touch which help in enhancing the exquisite looks and luxury element of your car.

  • Affordable


    The 3M window tint films are available at a very reasonable rate making them affordable for everyone to install on the car for complete protection of car’s interior.

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